50 Cent's Monthly Expenses Total Over $100,000, And It's Kind Of Insane

by Julian Sonny

Whether or not 50 Cent is actually broke does not dismiss some crazy sh*t the Internet uncovered about the 40-year-old rapper.

While 50 maintains he is in fact not rich in the wake of a lawsuit believed to be started because he allegedly posted Rick Ross' girlfriend's sex tape online, Business Insider says new documents were filed in a bankruptcy court in Connecticut that seem to prove the rapper has been living quite lavishly.

50 Cent's monthly household expenses total $72,000.


The first one that really pops out is $5,000 for gardening.

I know nothing about owning a mansion, but that's just what comes with owning acres, I guess.

An additional $36,000 in "other expenses" means he was spending at least $108,000 per month just on living.


With over $14,000 in child support (and grandparent support), at least he's leasing his vehicles.

One stack on grooming is understandable, but dropping $3,000 on clothes every month seems a bit excessive for the common man. Not 50, though.

How Curtis Jackson spends his money is entirely up to him, but I don't think this is going to help him win his case.

Especially when he's eating a money sandwich like this.


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