5 Seconds Of Summer Band Member Says He Wouldn't Date Taylor Swift

Insulting Taylor Swift is a surefire way to get yourself on the sh*t list of Swifties everywhere.

Too bad Ashton Irwin didn't think of that before talking smack on Howard Stern.

During a recent appearance on the notorious radio show, the 5 Seconds of Summer bandmate made some pretty unsavory remarks about the beloved blonde princess of pop.

Stern asked the band about dating on the road and mentioned in passing that a fellow musician like Taylor Swift would probably make the best girlfriend.

Irwin's rude response: “No way.”

The 5SOS member continued to say he thinks Swift is a “destructive influence,” though some “good songs would come out of dating her.”

Finally, Stern asked Irwin point-blank if he'd ever sleep with Swift, to which the 21-year-old said he “didn't think” he would, and added, “that would be so weird.”

Because I have a (really) hard time believing that any straight man would find sex with a beautiful, talented, successful woman weird, I'd be willing to bet that this is a good ol' case of jealousy, or simply a jerk looking for some free publicity.

But here's the thing, Ashton: Hating on Hollywood's sweetheart won't make your band suck any less. In fact, those snarky remarks just made you seem like an immature, bitter little boy.

Now good luck trying to navigate through the sh*tstorm that is about to land on your doorstep. I hope you have a sturdy umbrella.

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