The 'Schitt's Creek' series finale included a bunch of easter eggs and callbacks.

These Schitt's Creek Finale Easter Eggs Will Inspire A Full Series Rewatch

These were for you, superfans.

by Dylan Kickham
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After six seasons, Schitt's Creek said its final farewell on April 7, 2020, and it included a ton of small but heartfelt callbacks in its series finale, just for the superfans of the show. The beloved sitcom's last episode, titled "Happy Ending," wrapped up the Rose family's riches-to-rags-to-riches story with a feel-good sendoff, but for diehard fans, the best moments were all the tiny details hidden just for them. Did you catch all of the Easter eggs in the Schitt's Creek finale? They're so sweet, you will definitely want to rewatch the entire series to appreciate every small moment all over again.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Schitt's Creek series finale, "Happy Ending." After building to the Rose family's split-up for much of Season 6, the series finale provided a heartfelt end to Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis' time together living in adjoining motel rooms. Of course, the centerpiece of the episode was David's wedding to Patrick, which began on a bad note when rain forced them to relocate the ceremony indoors and a handsy masseuse caused a tiff between the husbands-to-be. Thankfully, it all came together beautifully in the end, with a positively papal Moira tearfully officiating her son's wedding. Then came the goodbyes: Johnny and Moira set off for Los Angeles for Moira's acting gig, Alexis made plans to start her PR career in New York, and David and Patrick had their new home in Schitt's Creek.

It was a perfect send-off, made only more so with all the loving callbacks to memorable moments from the series hidden throughout the episode.

1. Patrick's Mariah Carey Moment

Patrick's singing has been a highlight of Schitt's Creek ever since his fan-favorite "Simply the Best" performance, and he delivered another short cover at the end of his wedding vows by singing "Always Be My Baby" to David. The moment is a callback to the Season 4 finale, when Patrick told David "You're my Mariah Carey" after saying he loved him for the first time. Carey herself also happens to be a very vocal Schitt's Creek superfan, so she understandably lost it when she watched the scene.

2. David's Processional Song

Speaking of "Simply the Best," David and Patrick's love song made a big comeback in the finale when the Jazzagals performed it while David walked down the aisle. Of course, the song choice is a callback to Patrick's open mic moment, as well as the time David lip-synced the song in a performance for Patrick.

3. The Rose Family Anthem

The significant musical moments from the wedding aren't over yet. To kick off the ceremony, the Jazzagals performed a cover of "Precious Love," which first appeared in the show in the Season 2 finale, when Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis all said they loved one another while dancing together at Mutt's barn party.

4. David's Sweaters

Aside from Moira's ever-changing wigs and outrageous outfits, David's eclectic sweater collection has been the standout fashion element of the show. They also often reference important callbacks or character choices, and Dan Levy even confirmed David's sweater in the penultimate episode was a deliberate Easter egg. In the finale, fans got to see all of David's sweaters folded in the background during his flare-up with Patrick, underlining how important they were to the series.


5. A Full Circle Signoff

In the final scene of the series, Johnny looked back while leaving Schitt's Creek to notice a change made to the town's welcome sign. Johnny first complained about the suggestive sign in Season 1, Episode 3, vowing to have it taken down. Now, however, the Rose family's faces have been plastered onto the sign, showing just how much they have meant to the town.


Thankfully, it's super easy to rewatch all of Schitt's Creek and look for even more Easter eggs, since Seasons 1 through 6 are streaming on Netflix.

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