Marina from 'Bridgerton,' who is wearing a yellow gown, is led by hand to the dance floor by a smitt...

These Marina Quotes From 'Bridgerton' Will Get So Much Attention On Your IG Feed


Bridgerton's Marina Thompson catches a lot of attention when she arrives at the Featheringtons' to stay for the duration of London’s social season. Even Lady Whistledown is impressed and dubs the beauty “the season’s true incomparable” in her scandal-laden Society Papers. Your selfies attract just as much attention as Marina does, which is why these Marina Bridgerton quotes for Instagram will create the perfect amount of gossip on your feed.

Warning: Spoilers for Bridgerton Season 1 follow. Marina’s grace and confidence shine throughout Bridgerton Season 1. Not only does she form a close bond with her distant cousin Penelope Featherington, but she also catches the eye of the handsome Colin Bridgerton. After Marina learns she's pregnant by her lover, Sir George Crane, so much drama ensues in the Featherington household. Marina is beyond upset when she receives a forged letter from Sir George rejecting their relationship and their child. To avoid scandal, Marina secures a marriage proposal from Colin, who is unaware of her pregnancy.

Marina should be crowned for her quick thinking and ability to navigate such a difficult and uncertain time in her life. You can channel Marina’s courage by posing in your best yellow dress, paired with just the right smile. Or, take a selfie while reading a love letter with a flirty smirk. All your pictures will receive lots of attention when captioned with one of these Marina Bridgerton quotes for Instagram.


1. "Spin me away and perhaps I shall recover."

2. "Sir George Crane sneaked me a wrapped bundle of cake and biscuits."

3. "I’m sure there’s plenty to spare."

4. "So out of touch."

5. "You shall never understand."

6. "It was love, Penelope."

7. "I have written to him, beautiful love letters."

8. "I do believe a third dance would be considered improper."

9. "I dare say I’m relieved."

10. "We passed tiny missives back and forth."


11. "You cannot hide me away forever."

12. "Terribly presumptuous of you."

13. "He pretends there was nothing between us."

14. "I have a man who loves me."

15. "I am a lady. I am unmarried. And you… you are a gentleman."

16. "Ridiculously charmed."

17. "You have been a true friend.”

18. "He will propose to me… I’m sure of it."

19. "Can you not try to understand and be a little pleased for me?"

20. "I would never have to leave your arms."