Taylor Swift drops '1989 Taylor's Version' hints at Las Culturistas Culture Awards.

Taylor Dropped So Many 1989 Clues In A Surprise Awards Show Video

It's all coming together.

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Alright Swifties, it’s game time — Taylor Swift might be dropping the re-recording of 1989 any day now. Since the release of Fearless (Taylor’s Version), fans have eagerly awaited the re-recorded versions of their favorite albums, and there have been so many signs pointing to 1989 as her next possible re-release. Although Swift has yet to officially announce which album is next, fans picked up so many 1989 (Taylor’s Version) clues from a couple surprise videos at the Las Culturistas Culture Awards on June 18.

Fans have been noticing potential easter eggs pointing to a 1989 re-release for months now, and they got a ton of new theory fodder on Saturday, June 18. Swift surprised her fans by sending two short acceptance speech videos to the Las Culturistas Culture Awards, which was totally unexpected considering the joke-y ceremony was put on by the podcast Las Culturistas, hosted by comedians Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers. The co-hosts announced her as the winner of two awards, and fans were shocked when Swift appeared on the big screen to accept them. Even more surprising — eagle-eyed Swifties were quick to pick up on several subtle 1989 references in the clips.

Let’s get into all the evidence:

1. The Blue Vest

Most fans don’t analyze the clothing choices of their favorite stars, but Swifties take super sleuthing to a whole new level. In her acceptance videos, Swift is seen wearing a light blue vest that reminds fans a little too much of the 1989 mood board vibes — a clue? Maybe she’s reinventing and recycling her wardrobe, or maybe she’s hinting that our wildest dreams will come true soon.

2. Her Hair Chop

Over the course of her musical career, Swift has had several unique haircuts that seem to define the different stages of her life. Though she started off as a curly-haired queen with long, blonde ringlets, her hair has seen several transformations. In 2010 Taylor switched up her look with perfectly styled bangs that would become a constant element of her styles at the time — including the 2014 lob rocked on the 1989 cover artwork. In recent years she’s worn her hair long, so imagine the crowd’s surprise when she traded out the long locks for blunt bangs and a faux-lob (her hair was seemingly clipped back) in the new videos.

3. The Baking

Swift’s first acceptance video of the night opened with her walking to her oven to take out a baking sheet with a glass of wine on it instead of the expected cookies. Hardcore Swifties were quick to point out the moment looked an awful lot like Swift’s 2014 listening party for 1989, at which she baked cookies with a bunch of her fans.

4. The 1989 Secret Session Sign

It’s possible that all of the clues are just dead ends, but that possibility seems less likely when you consider the biggest hint of them all — the chalkboard. In the background of her acceptance video was an ornate-looking chalkboard hanging on the wall that Swifties have zeroed in on. The text clearly written reads “1989 Secret Session Nashville.” Although the sign is not new (fans clocked that it is from Swift’s original 2014 listening party for 1989), it’s inclusion in the video still very much feels like an important wink to Swifties.

All of the clues point to Taylor dropping new music just in time for summer. Swifties everywhere will be on the lookout for the next Taylor’s Version installmentI have my fingers crossed for 1989 because the songs never go out of style.