18 Best Quotes From Netflix's 'Dear White People'

by Jenna Graham

Looking back on the outrage over the release of Netflix's Dear White People is pretty amusing.

So many were quick to judge a show they were completely unfamiliar with. Little did these people know that not only would the series call out issues of racism in the hands of white people, but addresses conflicts amongst black liberals as well.

From hilarious parodies of Scandal and Iyanla Vanzant that mock our love/hate relationship with exploitative television, to confronting police brutality, Dear White People addressed many issues within and forced upon the black community.

Followed by every laughably relatable scenario was an "aha" moment that many of us could learn from.

Here's our top 18.

1. "When you mock or belittle us, you enforce an existing system. Cops everywhere staring down a barrel of a gun at a black man don't see a human being."

Stop dehumanizing us.

2. "If you were a cat owner and only all cats were dying in America, if someone said to you, 'All Lives Matter,' you'd be upset, too."

The irony here is that Troy said this only to get votes for president, as he made dozens of promises geared toward whatever was necessary to attract certain groups of students. Yet, as ridiculous as this statement may be, sadly, it's quite true.

In order to gain empathy for black lives, sometimes you have to use analogies centered around things that should be of lesser importance, like animals, for people to understand.

3. "You get away with murder because you look more like them than I do. That's your light skinned privilege."

Light skinned privilege is real and should be addressed more.

While it is much different than white privilege, it still remains an issue in the black community that shouldn't be swept under the rug.

4. "Dear White People, dating a black guy to piss off your parents doesn't make you down -- it makes you an asshole."

If some of you could stop using black men to rebel against your racist parents that would be great. Thanks.

5. "And therefore he deserved to die."

The media often paints a picture of black victims as criminals as a justification for their murder. Whether you're a straight A student or a drug addict, you have every right to a life that shouldn't be taken away over fear of the color of your skin.

6. "Dear White People, you made me hate myself as a kid, so now I hate you, and that's my secret shame."

Our inner struggle with trying to connect with those who have made us feel less than is all too real.

7. "Dear White People, if you wanted to demoralize us with your European beauty standard, mission accomplished."

Black women fight against this standard every day.

8. "Steve Jobs was a monster who used Chinese slave labor to make his products ... Those kids make a fantastic phone."

Too many of us claim to be "woke" until it costs us something near and dear, like our iPhones. Capitalism wins every time, doesn't it?

9. "Racism, here?" ... "I thought President Obama Fixed all that."

Remember when people thought Barack Obama's presidency would resolve race relations? Good times.

10. "How many times have we had the narrative that black men aren't good enough and that we need a white savior?"

The "black men ain't shit" narrative followed by "get you a white man" is demeaning.

The same can be said for the dehumanizing of black women for the attention of white women. The sick idea that white people are better than us is constantly reinforced when belittle each other in comparison.

11. "But it's not like I'm a racist."

Lol. We've heard that one too many times. Usually if you have to say you're not a racist (especially when no one has actually called you a racist), you're probably a racist.

12. "Our skin color is not a weapon."

This unfortunately has to be a daily reminder until our lives are no longer unjustly taken from us.

13. "Some of y'all in here with your liberal purity, wasting time deciding who's black enough. Who cares if you're woke or not if you're dead?"

Being woke is great and all, but now it's starting to become more of a self serving contest than a mission for truth and justice.

14. "Troy would never find himself in this situation ... Because I raised him."

This is a prime example of many people's failed understanding of how police brutality works.

Police brutality is stemmed from racism and fear of black people for simply being black, it has nothing to do with whether you are well spoken or not.

Just ask Jordan Edwards.

15. "...All men are created equal ... unless you're loud and black and possess an opinion, then all you get is a bullet."

All men were never treated as equal. Slavery is the strongest evidence of this case. Black men being three times more likely than white man to die in the hands of police prove this as well.

16. "Just because I happen to be a white male does not automatically mean I'm some asshole!"

Accompanied by ...

To the white men, especially the liberal white men who defend black rights, there is a stark difference between calling out white privilege and insulting you.

And that feeling you get when you're the only white face in a room and want to scream? That is our lives every day.

17. "Pause ... What's the opposite of pause?" "Not silencing millions with your hetero-supremacy."

A "pause" joke is warranted when somebody makes an innocent comment that can be interpreted as gay. A lot of us, myself included, never realized how insensitive and offensive this could be.

18. "The minute black kids sit together in a cafeteria, white folks cry self-segregation. Never mind that white people have always sat together and always will."

White people are usually only aware of segregation when they happen to be the ones who that aren't invited to the table.

The lack of understanding of the black experience and how to cope adds to the struggle. Dear White People forces us to look in the mirror and question what faults we may have had in it.

It also serves as reminder to those of us who've been fed up that we are not alone in this.