This Is How Much You Change A Person's Life When You Donate Your Hair

by Gillian Fuller

A film crew went behind the scenes to follow a hair donation from start to finish, revealing just how life-changing a simple hair donation can be.

The video starts with Hannah, a teenage girl who decided to donate a full foot of her dirty blonde locks to Wigs for Kids.

The team tracked Hannah’s donation to the Wigs for Kids headquarters in Ohio to document her hair’s transformation into a brand-new wig, which was later donated to Bridget, a younger girl suffering from alopecia.

As Bridget tries on her new wig for the first time, her eyes light up; it’s evident that with her new hair, she feels confident and, most importantly, happy.

Knowing that donating hair can literally change a child’s life makes the prospect of doing so incredibly appealing.

If you’re inspired to make a donation, head to Locks of Love or Wigs for Kids to find out how you can help.