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Gigi Hadid Is Hosting A Carnival In NYC And You Can Go

All good carnivals have one thing in common -- I am able to go to them.

In honor of Gigi Hadid's first capsule collection, Tommy Hilfiger is planning a carnival in New York City on Pier 16.

It is already one of the most anticipated events of New York Fashion Week, and you can get a ticket.

Besides seeing Gigi's new line, you'll also see arcade games, a 40-foot Ferris wheel and, of course, cotton candy, funnel cake and all the junk you can find at your own local community fair.

(Crossing fingers for deep-fried Oreos.)

The event, which is also open to us plebs who don't work in the industry, will also mark the first time that a line is shoppable immediately.

That means you can walk away with a stuffed animal prize and a new sweater.

Even if you can't score one of the 2,000 tickets, the carnival will be open the next day, September 10, from noon to 9 pm.

And you can still shop the line, if that's what you're into and not just showing up to prove your ability to eat a dozen candy apples.

If you hit up on September 9 at 7 pm you can live-stream the event and buy from home.

If I buy this I'll look like Gigi, right? Right?

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