Alex In '13 Reasons Why' Vs. Real Life

Let's be honest, anyone who loves celebrity news loves when celebs look different on and off camera. Usually it has something to do with an actor looking one way for a role and completely different in their everyday life, like many of the cast members from Orange is the New Black, for example, who undergo extreme make-unders to become their characters. More often than not, though, it can be more subtle changes — something as simple as an actor having different hair color on and off screen. That being said, let's talk about how Alex from 13 Reasons Why looks totally different in real life.

Miles Heizer, the actor who plays Alex on the Netflix original series, is known for his character's short, platinum blonde locks on the show. He has even joked on social media in the past about all of the dying his hair undergoes in order for him to become Alex, saying in one Instagram caption, "I'm glad everyone's enjoying 13 Reasons Why! I don't have a scalp anymore but it was well worth it," and in another promotional caption for 13RW, "Find out the truth March 31st on @Netflix #13reasonswhy No, this is not about coloring my hair." LOL.

But, if you look at Miles' other Instagram photos, you can see that his longer, darker hair and his glasses make him almost unrecognizable as Alex in real life. Here he is laying in bed, not looking like Alex.

Here he is, drinking coffee, not looking like Alex.

And here he is, hanging out with RuPaul, also not looking like Alex.

If you ask me, Miles is doing it right. The less he looks like his character from the show, the more he can go out and enjoy his life without being mobbed by fans. And, who knows, maybe this will be his new look on the show *if* his character returns in Season 2. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.