15 Weird Hair Tools On Amazon That Are Actually Amazing


If you're using the same hair tools you've stored under your bathroom sink since college, then you are missing out on a world of amazing hair tools. Many of them may seem bizarre at first but they actually work really well — and are just what your hair might need for a healthy, shiny new look. Sure, you could get a regular old straightener to replace your new one, but these strange, Frankenstein-esque contraptions do amazing things, like combine all of your favorite hair tools into one, detangle your hair while you straighten it, or save you lots of time in your morning routine.

It can be challenging to find new tools to get the styles you want, especially when you're ordering them online. We've done the work for you, assembling this list of weird hair tools that could simplify your routine, ranging from newfangled goodies to twists on the classics. For example: if you're blow drying your hair and then straightening it, there may be a faster way. There's a tool that does both simultaneously, in fact.

These helpful hair tools have solved some of the most common hair styling problems with their bizarre but brilliant designs, and they're ready to serve all of your styling needs.

1. This Waving Tool That Gives You Effortless, Beachy Waves


Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver, $20, Amazon

The Wave Artist has uniquely shaped barrels that give your hair beachy waves with almost zero effort. It can also heat up to 400 degrees, which will help those waves stay in place all day long.

Amazon users love how effective it is on thinner hair types, with one raving, "I have super fine hair and nothing gives me wavy hair like this tool."

2. This Bizarre Tool That Creates Perfect Curls


Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret, $65, Amazon

The Curl Secret is a great way to get curls of any size — if you get over how odd it looks. All you need to do is put a section of your hair into the tool, press down, and release to produce a beautifully shaped curl. It'll heat hair evenly for a quicker, longer-lasting curl. 

Reviewers love that the curls don't need that much product to stay in place, and one writes: "I absolutely love this product! I first tried it at a friend's house last weekend. I have bone straight and fairly fine long hair and curls never stay in my hair when I use a regular curling iron. This product was so easy to use and I was able to curl my entire head easily in about 15 minutes."

3. This Hot Air Brush That Blow Drys And Styles Hair At The Same Time


John Frieda Hot Air Brush, $34, Amazon

This hot air brush combines detangling, blow drying, and styling all in one tool, saving you loads of time and hassle.

While you brush your hair, it gently adds volume and body while it dries hair. It also heats up in 15 seconds, and it's got a titanium ceramic barrel to keep hair smooth and prevent damage.

4. This Brush That Detangles Any Hair Effortlessly


Crave Naturals Detangling Brush, $11, Amazon

If you struggle to brush through intense knots, this detangling brush could be your answer.

It's cone-shaped bristles separate hair easily, and it's safe to use on wet or dry hair without breaking it. One Amazon user happily reports, "The short flexible bristles do their job without snagging, and the wide brush-face covers a lot of area."

5. This Shampoo Brush That Massages Your Scalp And Promotes Growth


Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush, $20, Amazon

This massaging shampoo brush works with or without shampoo to gently massage your scalp every time you shower.

The flexible rubber tips help you de-stress, increase blood flow to the scalp, and help promote hair growth. It's also battery-powered, waterproof, and can help control dandruff. 

6. These Silicone Curlers That Style Without Heat Damage


Spoolies Hair Curlers, $35 (24 Pack), Amazon

These unique hair curlers are made from medical grade silicone and require no heat, pins, or clips to get beach waves, pin curls, or ringlets.

They can be worn comfortably overnight or used with a hair dryer if you're really in a rush, and they're durable and lightweight.

7. This Hair Brush That Actually Cleans Itself


Qwik-Clean Self-Cleaning Hair Brush, $20, Amazon

This self-cleaning hair brush has bristles that retract – which means you can get rid of any accumulated hair in the brush every time you brush, keeping it completely clean.

The brush is also super durable and water-resistant, and it can also detangle wet or dry hair. 

8. This Straightener You Can Use When Your Hair Is Still Wet


Remington Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener, $27, Amazon

We've known for a long time that you shouldn't straighten wet hair — but this Wet 2 Straight hair straightener was actually made for it.

It heats up in 30 seconds and uses steam vents to safely dry your hair, so you can use it right after a quick towel dry, saving you a huge step in your styling routine. It's great for any hair type, and the titanium plates prevent styling damage.

9. This Rotating Iron That Creates Super Smooth Curls


InStyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron, $89, Amazon

This styling tool has a rotating barrel that smooths and polishes your hair while it styles with gentle heat.

It's ideal for creating straight styles, volume, beachy waves, and even soft curls. And since it has brush bristles, you can detangle and style at the same time. One reviewer writes: "Best hair tool in my arsenal. I love that it easily straightens my wickedly curly hair but adds a polished curl at the bottom. My hair is very thick and very curly and this works like a dream."

10. This Hand-Shaped Diffuser That Gives Volume To Curls


DevaCurl Devafuser, $28, Amazon

The Devafuser uses 360-degree airflow to dry hair from the inside out for bouncy curls with added volume.

It also adds definition and some extra lift without any frizz. Plus, it comes with an adapter that allows it to hook up to almost any hair dryer.

11. This Hair Dryer That Comes With Multiple Styling Attachments


Andis Styling Hair Dryer, $22, Amazon

This styling hair dryer comes with three different attachments — a soft-bristle brush, a wide-tooth comb, and a fine-tooth comb — allowing you to achieve a few different looks with one tool.

You can gently detangle, dry, and style all at the same time, with ionic technology that minimizes heat damage by drying hair faster.

12. This Soft Bonnet Attachment That Connects To Your Hair Dryer


Hair Flair Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment, $19, Amazon

If you want to dry hair evenly without having to do much work, consider this softhood bonnet attachment that connects right to your hair dryer.

The hood fits over rollers and other styling tools, so you can scroll Instagram or read a book while your hair dries and sets, and it's also great to use with a deep conditioning treatment.

13. This Unique Comb That Detangles While It Straightens


AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush, $38, Amazon

This straightening device works like a regular comb or brush but will straighten while you detangle and smooth your hair. It's made to prevent burns to the scalp, and it will heat evenly and quickly to cut your hair styling time in half.

14. This Hair Steamer That Lets You Re-Style Later In The Day


Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer, $70, Amazon

This handheld hair steamer produces a light steam that allows you to easily restyle your hair without having to wash it again. It adds back moisture, reshapes hair, and detangles it. You can also use it to deep condition your hair whenever it needs a bit of TLC, and it's really great for curly hair.

One reviewer writes: "The heat stimulating my hair was wonderful. Less breakage in hair and able to extend styling for a few more days avoiding multiple washes that could create breakage and split ends."

15. This Hair Dryer Holder That Mounts To Your Bathroom Wall


Bestie Brands Hands Free Hair Dryer Holder, $22, Amazon

This hair dryer holder mounts to the wall and can hold any standard hair dryer, leaving both hands free to brush and style your hair. Your arms won't get tired under the weight of the hair dryer, and you'll have free reign to style, cutting down drying time and helping you create the look you want.

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