These Are The Guys Most Likely To Ghost You, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

by Cosmo Luce

When I match with somebody on Tinder, one of my first questions is usually "What's your sign?"

Even if he or she has no idea what it means, it gives me a good sense of who they are and what I can expect if — and I am an Aquarius, so only if — I decide I want to meet up with them.

If they are a Pisces, a Leo, or a Libra, I know that we are golden. Even if things don't work out, I'm more likely to ghost them than they are to ghost me. These signs are reliable and won't call things off without having a word first.

But if they are any one of the following signs, then I know it's highly probable they'll drop off the map at some point, particularly if neither one of us is looking for anything serious.

The only question is how far we'll get before the ghosting happens...

1. Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Sagittarians are the Zodiac's wanderers. They are direct and purposeful, independent and overall pretty happy. They value honesty and enjoy being carefree.

With those qualities, it will be surprising when a Sagittarius ghosts you. More than likely, it didn't happen intentionally. Due to their untied nature, it's not unusual for a Sagittarius to put their phone away for a day or two or take off on a trip unannounced. Still, with a sudden drop-off in communication, all signs point to ghosting.

If, in a few days, a Sagittarius still hasn't gotten back to you, it's likely because they thought that things with you weren't going anywhere and were never serious in the first place. Even though Sagittarians like being carefree, aimlessness is their enemy.

Hooking up with a Sagittarius never lasts for long because it will either lead to a relationship or nothing at all. It's rare for a Sagittarius to stay in touch with former lovers. If a Sagittarius says that they're really into being single right now, then you have to take their word for it.

While Sagittarians have a true direction in life, they will momentarily get off target, which means that if a Sagittarius is going to ghost you, it will be after a few casual hangs. As some Sagittarians are more careless than carefree, they might have even introduced you to their friends already.

If you confront a Sagittarius about whether or not they are ghosting, you'll probably get an honest answer back. There's no sense in arguing with them if they've decided to direct their aim elsewhere. You aren't going to win a Sagittarius over once they've made up their mind.

2. Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

Despite being sheathed in armor, Scorpios are actually very loyal lovers — if you can get past their stinger. Scorpios are also highly secretive until they feel comfortable opening up to you.

If a Scorpio ghosts you, it will be for their own self-preservation. Even if you haven't done anything that could have directly offended them, they are very good at predicting what a person is going to do next.

If a Scorpio ghosts on you, it's also likely for their own cunning reasons. More than likely, they thought you would end up dominating or controlling them in some way. But you're better off not overanalyzing it.

Ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto, Scorpios have the duality of selfless devotion. When you're meeting up with a Scorpio for the first time, they are still unattached and won't be falling head over heels for you. If they are devoted to anything in this phase, it will be satisfying their own pleasure — which might come at your expense.

As Scorpios are so highly influenced by the planet Pluto, they also have a unique understanding of death as a necessary part of life. Like the scorpion they are named after, they won't see any problem with delivering you a poison sting in order to preserve their own sense of independence.

So think twice before you send that angry text to your Scorpio ghost. You might not like the retort.

Scorpios follow their own rules in life and in love. As they are ruled by their genitals, you can bet that their primary objective will be to hook up with you. So if a Scorpio is going to peace out, they'll probably take you to bed with them first.

3. Gemini (May 20–June 21)

Geminis have a quick, clever nature and are often two jumps ahead of you. Sometimes, they even get ahead of themselves.

A Gemini will try anything once or even twice, so they'll definitely go on more than one date with you before they disappear. They might even declare their lasting passion for you before dropping you just as quickly.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which explains their quick-changing nature as well as their chatterbox style of communication. A Gemini will probably spill everything to you on your first date and give the appearance of an instantaneous kinship or bond.

While the Gemini seems to crave a whirlwind of friends and activities, in actuality, they crave stability in a relationship. If a Gemini ghosts you, it's because they probably got bored with you. With that two-steps-ahead-of-you nature, they probably decided you weren't trying hard enough to hold them down.

If you really want to get a Gemini back after they've ghosted, you can probably do it by showing up at a party and declaring your true intentions. Geminis are pretty romantic and want their lovers to impress and please them. And sometimes, they will ghost to see your reaction or as a test of your love.

Beware, though, because if a Gemini has disappeared on you once, they'll likely disappear on you again, and it will happen just when things seem to be going smoothly. The real reason Geminis crave stability is because they like to stir it up.

4. Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Oh, sweet little crab. Cancers don't mean to hurt you. They ghost because they are afraid of hurting themselves. In the night sky, the Cancer constellation is very difficult to find, as it is made up of faint stars. This reflects the disposition of a person who will retire quietly and leave no sign of where they went.

The Cancer's heart has likely been broken many times before you have ever met them, and they will withdraw if you get too close to them too fast. Cancers know that falling in love means risking pain, so they will evaporate if the feelings come too quickly.

Alternatively, a Cancer will ghost a casual fling because it came too close to their home. A Cancer's domain is very important to them, and in order to share that space, they have to trust you. If you haven't earned that trust, they will withdraw rather than giving over more of themselves. It isn't worth the threat you may unknowingly pose.

A third reason for Cancers to ghost is because they don't value themselves and are too aware of their own shortcomings. While Cancers are very forgiving of flaws in other people, they aren't so accepting of flaws within themselves. Self-care and self-love are lifelong obstacles for the Cancer, and their worries will often consume them.

If a Cancer disappears on you without a word, it's because they fretted that confronting you would hurt you, and hurting you would hurt themselves. You can bet that they had a lot of anxiety about it and are probably lying awake at night, consumed with guilt. Still, a Cancer won't realize that this ghosting actually hurt you more than honesty.

While a Cancer might claim that you were seeing each other casually, nothing is actually casual for the Cancerian lover. They're most likely to disappear on you after you already became emotionally close, which is why their going is so painful. It might have happened after the first date or the seventh.

You will probably be tempted for the Cancer to reappear from wherever they withdrew. But if your Cancer can't be coaxed back out of their shell, it means they want you to move on.

5. Aquarius (January 20—February 19)

Aquarians are ruled by the unpredictable planet Uranus, and they (or should I say, we) are often characterized by a cool intellect that can be off-putting.

An Aquarius would never admit it to your face, but they are a little bit elitist. It's difficult to get a first date with an Aquarius because they will judge you from afar and will most likely think that you don't match them in brainpower.

Still, Aquarians do have a powerful magnetism and are warm and benevolent in their interactions with you, so it's more than likely that you'll persist. Aquarians live way up in the clouds, however, and their ambitions usually involve some form of fame.

It's difficult for them to give of themselves to another person because they are afraid their individuality will be compromised. It might be difficult to tell from their charismatic nature, but Aquarians actually have a deep, deep fear of commitment.

When Aquarians fall in love, it tears them from their place in the sky. They are terrified of becoming too grounded because they think it will distract them from their ambitions. Even if they secretly crave companionship, they will avoid it at all costs if they think it will come at the expense of their self-reliance.

Un-evolved Aquarians also think of themselves first, so when an Aquarian ghosts you, they probably won't be thinking of your feelings at all. They'll be wrapped up in themselves and their own reasons for dropping you, and if you confront them, you might be surprised by what this charismatic sign will unleash.

An Aquarius probably won't disappear on you after sex, as they're pretty choosy about who they're intimate with. An Aquarian is the kind of person who will ghost you after two weeks of texting.

Because of that me-first nature previously mentioned, beware of the Aquarian who asks you to pick up some carryout and come over for their first date. They'll likely take their meal, shove some money in your front pocket, and then ask you to leave.