These are the five zodiac signs least likely to ghost you.

Hate Ghosting? These 5 Zodiac Signs (Probably) Won’t Do It

And they all have something in common.

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TBH, the only way to avoid ghosting completely is to never date. So yeah... not a great solution. But that doesn’t mean protecting yourself is a hopeless endeavor, either. If you want to lower your odds of getting ghosted, it’s time to get a little pickier about who you date. Certain personalities are less likely to leave you high and dry, and yes, their astrological chart probably has something to do with it. The really interesting part? The five zodiac signs least likely to ghost you have something in common: they’re all either fire signs or ruled by Mercury.

If you know a little bit about astrology, this shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise. Mercury is the planet of communication, after all, and fire signs love nothing more than a confrontation. For both, then, quietly fading into the distance isn’t appealing. In fact, ghosting is kind of their worst nightmare. If it's yours too, maybe skip the heartache and stick to dating these signs.

Then, at least, if you break up, you’ll have no questions as to why. For better or worse, these five signs will tell you exactly why you aren’t the one. Communication will be crystal clear.


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“Geminis will never ghost you,” according to astrologer Lisa Stardust. “They’re ruled by Mercury and are super talkative and chatty,” she explains. That means that this air sign will always keep the conversation going — even if it’s a painful one about going your separate ways.

Stardust adds, “They are very good at rationalizing their emotions and discussing them, and they want to hear what people think and feel.” That doesn’t mean your breakup convo with a Gemini will be easy, per se, but it’ll definitely happen.


Virgo, also ruled by Mercury, is also a huge proponent of open communication. That said, this Earth sign won’t be quite as eager to dive into the nitty-gritty of their feelings (especially compared to Gemini), but they’ll get there eventually.

So if you think your Virgo SO has left you high and dry, give them some time to open up. “Virgos will eventually respond or want to discuss the situation with you,” Stardust explains. “They may take a longer time to respond because they want to get the words right.”


Sagittarius, aka the Archer, is not one to pull any punches. As Stardust explains, this is the “only sign in the zodiac that has a weapon.” And they won’t shy away from flinging some metaphorical arrows your way as your relationship ends.

“[Sagittarians] always want the last word,” Stardust says. So no, this fire sign won’t be ghosting you anytime soon — though, after a few tough conversations, you may wish that they had.


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Aries aren’t interested in fading quietly into the distance. Passionate and “impulsive by nature,” per Stardust, this fire sign loves a good, old-fashioned confrontation. And no, they won’t hold back how they’re feeling to spare your feelings.

Civil breakups aren’t exactly the ram’s strong suit, either. “When someone sets them off, they say what’s on their mind,” Stardust explains. Good luck!


Leos love the drama, and nothing is less dramatic than ignoring your last text. Plus, according to Stardust, lions, in particular, tend to be “sticklers for truthfulness and honesty.” She sums it up, “They’ll confront you and tell you why they’re ignoring you.”

That said, this fire sign will be the last to ghost you. You might just get a brutally honest, dramatic spectacle of a breakup, instead.

Although there’s no foolproof way to predict how a romantic relationship will go (or end), keeping an eye on your partner’s zodiac sign can give you some insight. At the very least, if you’re dating one of these signs, chances are you won’t have to suffer through a ghosting.


Lisa Stardust, astrologer