These Are The Zodiac Signs You Should Date If You're An Introvert

by Rosey Baker

Generally, introverts are people who are notoriously difficult to be in relationships with simply because they get all their energy from being alone.

They hate large crowds and big social gatherings of any kind. It's not that they can't attend these things; it's just that these types of hangouts don't really allow them to shine.

Introverts are much better at one-on-one connections.

Introverts require a different kind of partner, the kind of partner who will respect their deep need for solitude.

If you're an introvert trying to narrow your search for that kind of partner, let the zodiac be your guide.

Here are the four astrological signs you should date if you're an introvert:


Cancers are natural homebodies. They absolutely love staying in, and their favorite kind of social setting is surrounded by only their closest friends.

They tend to keep a tight circle of them, and getting them to branch out can be a tough sell.

If you're an introvert who needs absolute solitude, and you're able to communicate that need to your Cancer, they will leave you alone.

But, you'll have to explain that being alone is important for your soul. That way, your Cancer partner will feel like they're taking care of you.

Otherwise, they'll take your isolation personally.


Aquarians are naturally gregarious and have a huge group of friends, but they aren't particularly close with any of them.

In fact, they almost always suffer from a deep feeling of not belonging, like aliens visiting this planet.

Aquarians are very social creatures, but they also happen to be extremely independent, so if you do decide to go to a party with them, you'll almost certainly be left to fend for yourself.

This could either be good news or bad for an introvert like yourself, but the upside is, if you decide to stay back at home to recharge your batteries, your Aquarius will never mind.


Scorpios are terrified of intimacy because they have a deep fear of losing themselves in the relationship, so your desire to spend time alone will never threaten them.

On the contrary, a partner who doesn't suffocate them only helps a Scorpio feel more safe.

They also love having deep conversations with people by trying to unravel the mysteries in their brains and to see what make them tick.

If you don't mind feeling a bit like a lab rat, Scorpio could be right up your alley.

They also know how to throw down when it comes to sex.


Gemini are extremely social people, but they also have a very independent streak. You don't have to worry about accompanying them to a holiday office party or a Fourth of July barbecue.

Trust me, they'll find someone to talk to. They talk to everyone.

My sister is a Gemini, and she made a best friend out of the guy who worked the toll booth in our neighborhood.

They only thing to watch out for with a Gemini is, if you're not able to keep things interesting, they'll quickly move on to someone else.

And since they're the flirtiest sign in the zodiac, they could lock a new SO down while you're busy reading a book on the couch.