Your Sex On Weed: Couples Who Smoke Together Have More Orgasms

by Dan Scotti

To quote perpetual stoner Wiz Khalifa, “Everything’s better when you’re high.”

Food tastes better when you’re high. The sun feels better when you’re high. “Seinfeld” is funnier after a joint.

Darren Aronofsky films make sense after a few bong rips, and even the Grateful Dead’s music suddenly becomes tolerable under the influence of marijuana.

Before a meal, you’ll skill a Backwood. After a meal, you’ll roll up a cone. In the morning, you wake up to a bowl -- and I’m not talking cereal -- and when it’s bedtime, you always blaze up before you lie down.

Yeah, but you know how that sh*t go (cue Drake voice).

Whether you’re the “once in a while” type of smoker, who only indulges if and when the opportunity presents itself (like on 4/20 or before a Comedy Central roast) or a lifelong chiefer (with 20+ Phish shows under your belt) -- it would be wrong to deny the positive effects of some good dank.

And, according to Maureen O’Connor of NY Mag’s The Cut, some of those effects may reveal themselves in the bedroom, when you turn your lights down low.

As O’Connor explains, marijuana -- historically cited as a natural aphrodisiac (or a substance known to enhance sexual desire) -- might also be the “natural Viagra.”

Here’s why.

It can help her orgasm.

One friend of O’Connor’s -- referred to as Celia (a pseudonym) -- had been experiencing difficulty reaching climax ever since going on antidepressants (those damn side effects).

“And the cure is, wine and weed and half a tablet of Cialis,” she boasts, which she “discovered” after dating a pot-smoking jazz blogger (who one could only assume wore Kangol hats and rectangular sunglasses far down on the bridge of his nose). Yeah, I noticed that too, Celia takes Cialis.

And, I know what you might be thinking, as well. Perhaps it was the inclusion of a pill used for treatment of male erectile dysfunction – but, according to Celia, she only reaped the benefits of this “cure” when all three entities were used in conjunction.  

It makes orgasms crazier.

Not only can marijuana help elicit orgasms among those experiencing difficulty achieving them, but it can also enhance them.

The logic behind the claim is pretty standard, really: “Marijuana makes your whole body feel good, so it only follows that sex feels good, too.”

That quote comes to us compliments of our friend Celia, but it appears she’s not alone in her conceptualization.

In fact, Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a psychology professor at SUNY Albany, provides us with some more “scientifically acceptable” support.

“That CB1 receptor seems to be involved in improved tactile sensations and general euphoria,” he says, referring to cannabinoid receptors in our nervous system activated by THC. Naturally, no pun intended, THC is the active drug found in cannabis.

Orgasms are also known to last longer, as is the case with Elizabeth, a 26-year-old Manhattanite, to whom O’Connor spoke.

In the words of Elizabeth, pot had the ability to “slow down time,” which most weed smokers can relate to – probably on the couch watching the Food Network. But this “slowed down time” can also result with sexual stamina.

“Orgasms seem to last for 30 seconds and are incredibly intense,” Elizabeth claims. “The best orgasms I’ve ever had have been while stoned, whether with another person or solo. I won’t be overly graphic, but it seems like I ‘produce’ a lot more, too.”

Important to note that she “produces” more, as well.

It can relieve sexual tension.

While it’s something of a controversial discussion – whether or not marijuana aids or exasperates anxiety – the majority of research on the topic points to the drug affecting each user differently.

Generally speaking, those who don’t smoke weed as regularly as others will report feelings of paranoia and increased anxiety following drug use.

Regular users, however, rarely report negative experiences about the drug and typically puff weed to relieve stress, as explained by Lecia Bushak on Medical Daily.

“It makes me super-horny because I’m so relaxed. It’s akin to vacation sex,” Elizabeth says, however, a number of different factors are involved with her positive experience.

As touched upon by O’Connor, components such as dose strength and the specific strain of marijuana all play roles in the user’s experience.

Smoke too much – or find a strain that’s indica-dominant – and you might find yourself too burnt out to f*ck.

Some of the sexual inhibitions that can be sprung upon by marijuana – and O’Connor highlights how these are experienced by the minority – are dry mouth (cotton mouth), anorgasmia and “getting stuck in your own thoughts.”

When regular smokers choose to light up before getting it on, however, it will usually lead to decreased sexual anxiety.

It can strengthen the bond between two lovers.

Like with anything that two people can do together – getting high with one another can bring lovers together on a more passionate plane.

In the mind of Dr. Lester Grinspoon (who O’Connor claims shared his first smoking experience with Carl Sagan), a retired Harvard professor dubbed “the grandfather of modern medicinal cannabis research,” the “feelings of communion between weed-smoking partners can be more profound than mere sexual sensation.”

You know, the whole aspect of smoking weed together is an intimate one, and although society loves to correlate “peace, love and pot” with naked hippies at Woodstock – most controlled smokers (who also function highly in society and have their lives together) understand the bond between the people you choose to get high with.

So, can weed improve your sex life?

Well, I feel there’s a great deal of truth behind Oscar Wilde’s quote: “Everything in moderation, even moderation.” If you’re going to be stoned all day, I won’t judge you – but be prepared, and certainly allow room for error.

With that said – could it hurt to try smoking a joint with your SO before getting after it? I really couldn’t recommend against it. But you won’t know unless you try.

Although, I will say, a night full of sticky weed and sticky sex doesn’t sound half bad to me. Why? Because everybody got to have lovin’.

Good weed and good lovin’.