5 Reasons Dating A Writer Will Open Your Eyes To A New Type Of Love

By Rachael Tulipano
New Line Cinema

Writers are creative souls, graced with the gifted ability to romanticize even the darkest of content. The words writers use are carefully polished, crafted in a way that endears readers, captures emotions and brings meaning to storytelling.

Writers are -- at their very cores -- artistic masterminds, manipulating language in ways that make readers believe words are more than 26 letters organized in a certain fashion. Writers are passionate, intelligent people living between the lines of literary genres.

What makes writers so special? They're witty, bright and often unafraid to do the unthinkable. They'll kill off your favorite character and make the protagonist suffer. Writers will tell you how it is, disinterested in sparing your feelings at the expense of being truthful. Writers are brave.

Writers are many other things, too.

In fact, here are five clear-cut reasons you should date a writer:

1. Writers are familiar with rejection.

Have you ever experienced the disappointment that comes with rejection? Writers have. Every poet, novelist, playwright and journalist who has applied for publishing and failed has experienced rejection forcefully.

Rather than stew over rejection, however, writers try again. And again. And again. No matter how many times they're rejected, writers have the determination and passion to fail until they finally attain success. This level of devotion and willpower to stick it through the unthinkable can only strengthen a relationship.

Think of how committed your partner would be with this mindset. It's rare and exceptional.

2. Writers are passionate.

Authors and poets don't arrange words without intent. They often struggle to find the precise way to say something, for effect and beauty. Novelists pour emotion and personality into their characters. Journalists dig deep for credible research to support their claims. In short, writers are devoted to their craft in personal ways.

Consider how unique and thoughtful such passion would be in a relationship. A partner with as much attentive and loving behavior as writers would make an ideal significant other to build a life with. The shared connection would be nothing short of love.

3. Writers are homebodies.

Most writers have a flexible schedule and often work from home. They spend their time working from the house, writing, researching and editing from the comfort of their own offices. Writers likely won't be out partying until the break of dawn. They won't be home late from working overtime at an onsite job. They'll be home, there for you when you leave in the morning and there for you when you come home from work.

A partner who works from home could stabilize shared responsibilities. Wouldn't it be nice to have a family with someone who can earn a paycheck while also caring for children at home? Daycare bills and scheduled childcare would become null and void, for your writer lover would be able to soothe the baby and balance writing their next novel.

4. Writers are detailed.

Structure, organization and development are inherently important to writers. The bulk of authors, poets and journalists map out their projects, bringing meaning and intention to their craft.

This gift of well-thought, structured attention applies to other parts of life, too. Dating a writer means being with someone who never misspells the grocery list or forgets to write a birthday card for you. Having a detailed significant other involves sharing a life with someone who will make plans with you -- committed plans -- because they're invested.

5. Writers are creative.

Unlike some people, writers think outside of the box. They appreciate art in all its forms and encourage others to share their creativity. Writers are welcoming, inventive people with imaginative ways of living.

Dating a writer means sharing your life with a person who finds beauty in the smallest things: the echoes of a bird's calling song; a gust of wind whispering over your skin; the sour flavor of a freshly picked apple. Being with a writer means never having a dull moment, for every conversation and experience is filled with meaning and artistry.

Writers are special, different people. They'll notice when you misspell text messages or break basic grammar rules. Writers know when the people in their lives wrong them and may use such motives in their projects. Writers are open to critiques, and subjective in nature.

Writers are people living in art.

Dating a writer means you love someone with many traits: wit, brilliance, passion, struggle, obsession, perfection and an obsessive temperament.

Through the ups and downs, though, dating a writer is unlike anything else. Your life will be fuller, more colorful and ultimately more interesting with someone as creative as writers are.