14 Women Reveal The One Thing That Makes Them Feel Their Sexiest

by Candice Jalili
Stocksy/Julien L. Balmer

If I'm being totally honest here, I've never really felt "sexy." And I don't mean that in a pathetic loser way. I just mean I feel like I typically fall more into the "cute" category than the sexy category. Even if you're someone who does see themselves as sexy, do you ever wonder how to feel sexier?

Well, a recent Reddit thread just asked women to explain what makes them feel the most sexy. So because ladies should always help lift up other ladies, I shared their best answers here with you. Because we all deserve to feel our sexiest.

1. When She Takes Care Of Herself

2. When She Has A Good Hair Day

3. When She Wears Silk Clothes

4. When She Wears Corsets

5. When Her Cheekbones And Hair Are Looking Fly

6. When She's Pole Dancing

7. When She Sleeps Naked

8. When She Has A Good Day At The Gym

9. When She Poses In Front Of The Mirror Like A Porn Star

10. When She Wears Red Lipstick

11. When She Wears Tight Jeans

12. When She Wears Boxer Briefs

13. When She Has Sex

14. When She's In A Sexy Cocktail Dress And Heels

What makes YOU feel the sexiest? Comment your thoughts below!

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