8 Women Reveal The Truth About What It’s Really Like To Be A Bridesmaid

by Alison Segel

Full disclosure: I do not get invited to a lot of weddings. Should I take this personally? Maybe. But I do know that when my best friend gets married, I'll definitely be asked to be a bridesmaid, if she does that kind of thing. And I have no clue what that entails. For those who have never experienced it (like me, a non-wedding goer), being a bridesmaid for the first time can be an intimidating experience, which is why one woman went to Reddit to find out what it's all about.

She started a thread to find out the complete truth regarding what being a bridesmaid is truly about. Do the bridesmaids fight with one another? Who plans the bachelorette party? Do you get to pick your own dress? Who pays for it? Do you do your own hair and makeup? How expensive does this all add up to be? Are you going to have to take out a loan for this?

Turns out the answer to everything for the most part is "maybe."

So here are some women revealing the truth about what it's really like to be a bridesmaid: the good, the bad, the very, very ugly, and the expensive.

1. She Was Dying For A Sandwich By Cocktail Hour

Getty Images/Karen Ilagan

TBH, I could always use a sandwich.

2. She Says It's Fun But Expensive (So Many Dresses!)

AS Photo Project/Fotolia

3. She Is Never Doing It Again

Universal Pictures

Damn, this woman is busy and popular.

4. She Lost Friends And $1,700

5. She Had To Take Pictures In The Rain

If you like piña coladas and taking wedding photos in the rain...

6. Her Makeup Made Her Look Like A "Cheap '80s Hooker"

Catherine MacBride

7. She Took The Bachelorette Party To Trapeze Class


8. She Says Organizing The "Hen Do" Was Stressful

So when it comes to weddings, being a bridesmaid can be a real honor, but an expensive one at that. Remember, if you say yes, the day is about the bride, not you. So suck it up, wear that ugly dress, and say yes to whatever hair and makeup look your BFF has in mind for you. Because even if you think you look like an '80s hooker who's been caught in the rain, at least the bride will be happy on her special day.

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