If You've Got It, Flaunt It: Why A Woman Should Take Advantage Of Her Sexuality


Too often, women are automatically deemed inferior to men; seen as emotional (and therefore incapable of logical reasoning), women are taken less seriously than are men in the workplace. A common solution that some women use to even out the playing field is to exploit their sexuality through appearance. This allows men to discern women as weak.

But there’s a Catch-22: nowadays, a modestly dressed woman is often seen as a prude, especially in a man’s eyes. The likelihood of a turtleneck-donning woman being approached at a bar is much slimmer than the girl who’s wearing next to nothing. Of course, each female possesses the right to dress as she pleases and modesty does not actually make a woman less feminine (or anything else), it does, however, contribute to a first impression.

And in today’s society, which is so overtly and overly sexualized, it is nearly impossible to differentiate femininity from sex. Too many men assume that if a girl is wearing a low cut shirt, she’s asking for “it.” She’s not at all, but it is frustrating that women can’t make the choice to dress as they please without being cat-called by construction workers and passersby.

So, given this unfortunate situation, I propose that women should use their sexual assets to obtain personal goals. Those who choose to capitalize are not any less intelligent or less competent than those who do not. Men consistently use their charm and wit to manipulate women, yet find it unfair when a woman uses her assets; women are just playing the cards they have been dealt.

When women use sexuality to take on a goal — whether to avoid a parking ticket or to get a free drink at the bar — they are in control, they are the puppeteers to their male marionettes.

Men believe they are in control because they have the power to grant women access to what they desire, but as Lainie Kazan said in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” “The man is the head but the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head any way she wants.” When a woman flaunts her figure, she is not necessarily seeking to elicit a reaction from a man but she is empowering herself. A woman’s morals and intelligence are not correlated to how she presents herself, and, hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Photo credit: B-C-D Tumblr