Women Reveal How They Confessed To Their Significant Others That They Cheated


Finding the courage to tell your bae that you stuck your tongue down someone else's throat is never an easy thing to do.

You may try hard to hold on to that secret for a long time, but somehow, in some way, it'll slip. Perhaps someone will tell him before you get the chance to. Or perhaps you tell him by accident, sending him a text that should have gone to your side guy.

Either way, coming clean about jumping into another guy's bed is something that might make you feel a whole lot lighter and sure of what you want in the future — whether that's to stay with your current guy or break up and start fresh.

Check out how these six women confessed they were cheating to their partners:

1. There was wine.

We split a bottle of wine one night, and after I had my final sip from my glass, I blurted it out. I told my boyfriend that during the first month we were officially dating, I hooked up with someone else. At that point, we were together for two years. He started hysterically laughing and then got upset and cried. It was an emotional roller coaster. He wanted all the details, and I told him everything. I haven't cheated since that one time. He understood and forgave me.

— Liana P., 28

2. I wrote a note.

I was in a three-year relationship, and I knew he was about to propose. I was terrified to tell him I was hooking up with someone else on the side — an ex-boyfriend of mine. I had come to the realization that I didn't want to be with my current BF anymore, and I just wanted to be single to clear my head. But I was so scared to tell him because we were living together at the time. One day, I stayed home from work, packed my stuff up, left him a note and left. I moved in with a friend. I admitted the reason I left was because I had cheated, and I felt completely disgusting about myself and just wanted to start over. I never heard from him again or saw him again. He deleted me on social media.

— Yen S., 28

3. It happened at couples therapy.

Things weren't good between us. We constantly fought, and the marriage was slowly coming to a dead end. So we decided to go to couples therapy. When we got there, the therapist kept pushing me to admit why I was acting stand-offish to my husband. I didn't have anything to say. But I finally shouted out, 'FINE, I've been cheating on you.' I felt like I let out a huge secret that was suffocating me. He screamed back, 'I've been cheating on you, too.'

— Terri F., 35

4. He asked me.

I think a friend of the guy I was screwing told my BF or something, but my BF came up to me and asked if I was cheating on him. He knows I'm a terrible liar, so I flat-out told him, 'Yes, yes I am.' My BF was pissed off. He tried to find the guy and fight him. I told him why I was cheating: He was never around — always studying for exams — and I just didn't feel like he cared about me. Long story short, we're still together, and I don't cheat anymore.

— Cassie Z., 20

5. It happened by accident.

I sent my BF (now ex-BF) a text message that I meant to send to the guy I was hooking up with from work. I wrote in the text, 'Hey, don't tell anyone at work that we hooked up at the X-mas party.' I sent it to my BF instead. It's safe to say he flipped out. He called me terrible names and told me it was over. I'm kind of glad he found out this way because IDK how long the 'affair' would have lasted. I'm now seriously dating the guy from work.

— Lacey S., 34

6. I did it after our divorce.

I waited for the divorce papers to be signed and for us to both move into different apartments to tell my ex-husband I cheated. If he found out pre-divorce, he could have used that against me. He had no idea. I told him post-divorce, and he didn't believe me. He thought I was just saying that now to piss him off.

— Vivian S., 39