Science Says It's Totally Normal To Wish The People You Love Were Dead

by Sean Abrams

My thoughts tend to wander all the time, but it turns out, fantasizing about a loved one's death would grab a pretty low spot on the "creepy" thought list.

According to a brand new video from The School of Life, envisioning someone close to you dying is just the result of feeling an immense amount of love.

Sounds a little backhanded, but it makes more sense than you think.

The video above explains that those in our immediate circle, whether family or friends, tend to be focal points in our lives.

We care for them, want them around and ultimately value everything they have to say. Because of those feelings, people tend to experience "ambivalence," which is "a blending of deeply positive and negative thoughts" about those loved ones.

One day, you love them; one day, you hate them — it's just natural.

Our feelings of ambivalence are stronger for the people who are most prevalent in our lives. They're the ones who bring you the most joy and bring the worst pain, so of course we'll both love and resent them at times.

School of Life reassures all you death daydreamers there's nothing to worry about. Just because you may wish death upon a loved one, doesn't mean you actually hope they die a sudden death. The video also explains, "Fantasies are not plans or actions."

These fictional scenarios that float around inside your head could just be a result of intense feeling or emotion that's been built up. The closer you are to someone, the more likely you are to envision what your days would be like if they weren't there anymore.

Rest assured, you're not sick, crazy or death-obsessed.

It's relatively common to have these unnervingly dark wishes about someone close to you. According to the video, "loving someone is never free of frustration."

Instead, consider yourself blessed to even have someone in your life who brings out these sentiments.

And who knows? They could be imagining you getting squashed by a speeding bus, too. If that doesn't spell out "love," I don't know what will.

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