Wait, is Khloé Kardashian going to take Tristan Thompson back (again) after his latest paternity tes...

Will Khloé Take Tristan Back After His Paternity Test? Here's What We Know

It's complicated.

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When things go south, Khloé Kardashian is usually quick to take to her Instagram Stories. The reality star loves an ambiguous quote or two to let everyone know how she’s feeling — and I don’t blame her! During her latest spout of drama, however, Kardashian has stayed relatively mum on social media. In fact, it’s Tristan Thompson who took to the platform to apologize to his ex-girlfriend and current co-parent for “the heartache and humiliation” he caused by cheating on her (again) and impregnating Marlee Nichols. The most surprising part of this story? The lack of public response from Kardashian. Without hearing anything from Kardashian herself, it’s hard not to wonder if history is about to repeat itself again: Despite everything, will she take him back?

I, unfortunately, do not have a crystal ball or access to Kris Jenner’s planner, so I can’t predict Kardashian and Thompson’s future with any real clarity. However, sources close to the Kardashian fam have shared their take on the situation — and there’s hope that Thompson’s latest indiscretion may have (finally) closed this chapter of Kardashian’s love life.

“Khloé decided not to respond back publicly, but privately she let him know she appreciated the message,” the insider claimed to Page Six. “She is taking the high road, and while she will never, ever get back with him,” — phew — “Khloé really wants Tristan to be a good father to True, and for him to be a big part of their daughter’s life.”

So no, Thomspon won’t be thrown into Kardashian jail à la Jordyn Woods, but he apparently won’t be breaking Kardashian’s heart anymore, either. “She’s a great mom and she wants her daughter to have a good relationship with her dad,” the source added. “So for that reason, Khloé is not going to fight with Tristan or block him from the family.”

Although I love (love!) that Kardashian is prioritizing her daughter during this difficult time, I’m hoping she’s able to focus on her own wellbeing, too. If that involves keeping her emosh quotes off IG, so be it.