Why You Should Never Date a Bro

Why should you never date a bro? It’s simple: he’d probably rather be f*cking his friends than you. He’ll always make excuses for why his “boys” come first. I’ve dealt with it before: “Sorry babe but I can’t ditch the boys today…can we chill later?” This is his way of saying: You aren’t my priority. That’s fine, friends are important. Relationships suck anyway. But if you’re already in one, then you should be his priority.

If this happens every once in a while, fine. At least he has friends, right? You need your time with the girls, too. You don’t want to be that girl who forgets you have friends when you have a boyfriend and then is left alone on your ass when he dumps you. A healthy balance between your friends and your relationship is key. Being a good friend is an important quality to look for in anyone you date.

However, it's easy to cross the line between a healthy balance and straight f*cked up. If he starts ditching you for “bro time” on the regular, SPRINT for the hills. He’ll either make little to no time for you, or you’ll wind up chilling with him and his friends, which will probably make you unhappy and/or fat because all they do is smoke, eat and watch "Entourage" while pretending they’re lives somehow relate to the show.

Bros love making their girls convenient. Idealistically, they want to stick to the same exact lifestyle they had before and have a girl that will mold herself to fit into this lifestyle. Don't let yourself become convenient to him. You have a life, too, and it's just as important, if not more important, than his.

The more you let him push you aside, the more okay he’ll think it is. Once he thinks it’s okay, it will never end. You’ll wish things were different, but you won’t do sh*t about it because you’ve dug yourself into such a deep hole that you don't know how to get out anymore. This is called settling, which is something an Elite bitch should never do.  To sum it up, this guy is either A) homosexual B) immature as sh*t C) stupid D) not that into you or E) all of the above. Either way, you’re wasting your time.