Why Scruffy Men Are Sexy

by Ally Batista

Every girl has their own preference of what type of guy they’re attracted to. Yes, the guys who are clean cut and decked out head to toe in Ralph Lauren do turn my head on occasion but there’s something about a scruffy guy that I can’t resist.

As guys grow older it is recommended that they learn how to dress properly and keep themselves clean-shaven, especially when it comes to the professional world, and don’t get me wrong, that does look great.

The thing about scruffy guys, to me, is that they just look manlier. As someone who still believes in gender roles, scruff and facial hair reminds me of the men who go out and work with their hands for a living. You know, the guys who have muscles but don’t get them from the gym and protein, they develop them from old-fashioned manual labor. What is sexier than that?

My ideal scruffy guy wakes up, grabs whatever shirt he sees first and a pair of jeans, throws on timberlands and still looks sexy. He doesn’t pay any attention to his looks at all, he splashes some water on his face and runs his fingers through his hair and he’s out the door.

A guy like this is sexy because it’s straight up unattractive when a guy looks in the mirror more than you do. How can I ever expect you to take care of me if you look like you don’t know how to change a tire or fix my car? How can you ever protect me if it looks like you’ve never once had a callus on your hand?

We’ll make a deal. I’ll have dinner on the table for you every night when you get home as long as you look like Thor. Seems like a fair compromise right?


Photo Credit: Getty Images