Here's why you hate breakups, according to your zodiac sign.

Here’s The Real Reason You Hate Breakups, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s not your fault you’re a sentimental sweetheart.

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No one — not even fiercely independent Aries — actually enjoys a breakup. Even the splits that end on the friendliest and most cordial terms can be painful. Although it’s very common to feel sad or angry after a split, not everyone responds to or dreads the same things about the end of a relationship.

For some, the most unbearable element of a breakup is letting go of that “happily ever after” fantasy (with this person, at least). Others hate any kind of change, and heartache shakes up, well... just about everything. To pinpoint whatever you hate most about a breakup, look no further than your zodiac sign, which can give you some useful clues about what to do (and what not to do) when you’re at your most vulnerable.

Should an industrious Aquarius exhaust themselves with a gazillion tasks to distract themselves from the pain of their loss? Probably not. Should a cerebral Virgo over-analyze the situation until they explode? Hard no.

The more you know about the inner workings of your mind, the easier it’ll be to cope and heal. Breakups suck, but different signs tend to handle the pain in different ways. Read on for more about the real reason you hate breakups, based on your zodiac sign.

Libra Hates Losing Balance

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Libra is the sign of balance, represented by two scales to symbolize harmony. This means you love partnerships. While Libras tend to be serial daters, you’ll be loyal and committed once things are feeling serious. But when you and a partner go your separate ways, it can feel like the world has turned upside down. The worst part about a breakup for a Libra is often that it throws off your sense of balance.

The best way an aesthetically-oriented Libra can cope is to get rid of the visual things that remind you of your ex. Clear out the cards they gave you, the photos of them in your phone, the shirt you’ve “borrowed” but never planned on giving back. Write some poetry or paint a painting about your loss, then put on your cutest outfit and get back out there.

Scorpio Hates Letting Go

If there’s anything a Scorpio dreads about breakups, it’s the shattering of a connection that once seemed unbreakable. This water sign is intense, emotional, and deeply private. Chances are, you have an incredibly hard time letting go of things that once felt special or important. You don’t let just anyone in because you know that if they ever disappear, you’ll feel like the ground has fallen away beneath your feet.

But Scorpio is also the sign of rebirth, signified by the Phoenix. With enough self-reflection and care, you’ll manage to reemerge from the ashes even stronger than you were before, with more information about what you need from your relationships and a better understanding of how to put those ideas into practice.

Sagittarius Hates Giving Up

In contrast to the dark and moody sign that precedes it, Sagittarius is chronically optimistic, sometimes to a fault. You might be so positive and forward-thinking that when the breakup happens, you may not have even seen it coming. Getting blindsided is never fun, and yet, you might find yourself still wanting to hold on, refusing to walk away and give up on this thing you and your ex built together.

Resist the urge to beg for another go. Instead, pick up the pieces and move forward. Your worldly and adventurous spirit will find something (and someone) better in no time.

Capricorn Hates Asking For Support

Capricorns are symbolized by the mountain goat, and true to your form, you tend to be stubborn, stoic, and ready to climb the rocky mountains of life. You’re familiar with pain and you don’t hide from it — but you don’t express it much, either. As the zodiac’s provider sign, you’re more comfortable shouldering other people’s burdens than dealing with your own heavy emotions. Throwing yourself into your busy schedule can temporarily keep sadness at bay, but it’s not a long-term solution for handling heartbreak.

There’s no shame in opening up about your feelings. It’s OK to put your work aside for a little bit and lean on your inner circle to get through this split. Ask for the support you need and you’ll find the weight of your breakup might just ease up.

Aquarius Hates Their Pent-Up Energy

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Aquarians might appear to be calm and collected after a breakup, but chances are, you’re probably feeling worse than you let on. When going through a split, you can be aloof and hard to pin down, taken over by the stress of your situation. You tend to feel the pain of a breakup very viscerally — your physical body responds more than your heart or your head. You may find it hard to contain all of your nervous energy, instead pouring it into tasks and activities that you give yourself as a distraction.

While this may feel counterproductive, the best thing you can do for yourself during a time of loss is to stop moving. Slow down. Take stock of where you are and how far you’ve come. Tune into the emotions that you traditionally detach from and challenge yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling. Then, you can go back to whatever jigsaw puzzle or complex baking project you were doing before — this time, with a renewed sense of inner peace.

Pisces Hates Brutal Honesty

Spiritual, intuitive, and drawn to the abstract, Pisces tend to hate breakups that feel final. You like to look at love through rose-colored glasses, and sometimes, it’s tempting to leave the door open for getting back together, rather than kicking your relationship to the curb for good. When you’re faced with the harsh reality of a split, your fishy soul wants nothing more than to swim away somewhere safe. You have a tendency to leave things as vague as possible so as not to hurt any feelings — yours or your ex’s.

But sometimes, establishing clear boundaries can go a long way in minimizing the pain of the separation. Challenge yourself to get real and be straightforward and see how it changes things for the better. It might feel uncomfortable in the moment, but in the long run, you’ll feel stronger than ever.

Aries Hates Throwing Things Out

Aries is the sign of self-love. You love your independence and don’t often get too emotionally attached to the people you date. But when you fall in love, you fall hard. You want your love to be the real deal, and you’re willing to put up a fight to keep it alive. Physical reminders of your ex — like birthday cards, ticket stubs, the book they left on your nightstand —can feel impossible to throw out. Your ex might be gone, but it’s tempting to live among reminders of them.

But the longer you hold onto these mementos, the harder it will be to heal and move on. Instead of weighing yourself down with things that make you feel closer to your ex, write them a rage-filled letter and light it on fire, you little warrior.

Taurus Hates Changing Their Routine

Taurus is steady, loyal, and a super stubborn creature of habit. Your least favorite thing about breakups (and about basically everything else) is change — especially the thought of changing up your day-to-day routine. You are at once romantic and dreamy and also highly practical, viewing all of your relationships as investments that should yield a strong return. When they don’t, you can feel defensive and frustrated, like you wasted your time on someone who wasn’t ready to invest the same way in you as you had in them.

When dealing with a breakup, change up your routine in small, manageable ways first, gradually leading up to bigger changes. Instead of quitting the coffee spot you and your ex frequented cold turkey, pop in every few days and order a chai latte instead of the matcha that you always got with your ex. Soon enough, you might discover a whole new coffee shop you love even more.

Gemini Hates Being Alone


Geminis are symbolized by a pair of twins, which means you’re a social butterfly who’s often dealing with two competing narratives in your own head. Your no-nonsense side is likely going to pull back from the pain and pretend like everything is just fine, while your emotional side has the potential to ruminate over the situation to the point of obsession. Geminis have a reputation for numbing the pain of heartbreak by hooking up with somebody else right away, but that solution isn’t your only option.

The best thing you can do for yourself during a breakup, sweet Gemini, is to take some deep breaths, light some candles, and really mourn the relationship that you’ve just lost. Then, when you’re ready, you’ll be able to let it go in the healthiest way possible.

Cancer Hates The Loss Of The Fantasy

This water sign feels things deeply. Cancers are sometimes compared to Disney princesses because they’re romantics who crave a good happily-ever-after... and sometimes get caught up in unrealistic fantasies. That point of view can make breakups feel extra harsh. On the surface, you might pull out your crabby claws to throw around some bitter insults about your ex. But it’s likely that when no one’s watching, your pain is more intense than you let on.

To soften the blow, keep your loved ones close and plan plenty of upcoming fun — road trips, concerts, hair transformations, and more! — to lift your spirits. Great things are on the horizon for you, Cancer. You might just find that real life can be sweeter and more satisfying than any fantasy.

Leo Hates Admitting It’s Not Working

Leos are theatrical and performative and hopelessly romantic. You like to keep up the appearance that your love is every bit as cinematically perfect as it appears on social media — even when everything is crumbling around you. Part of that comes from a Leo’s loyalty; you’ll stay by your partner’s side until the bitter end.

But there’s only so far anyone, even a Leo, should go to keep things looking good. Once the relationship is really over and your mourning process has begun, tap into your creative side to take away the sting of a breakup. Songwriting, dancing, pottery, anything — let it all out.

Virgo Hates Losing Control

Virgos are hard-working perfectionists. You’re always looking for loose screws to tighten or flaws to fix. But sometimes, you can’t fix what’s broken — enter a breakup. When you and your ex go separate ways, you have to acknowledge that your relationship might not have worked out the way you hoped it would. You have to let go in order to move on. This can be tough for anybody, but it’s an extra-tall order for Virgos, since you often hesitate to put yourself out there, especially after heartbreak.

Since breakups feel so unnatural to you, it’s important to reconnect to your sense of self. Virgos are earth signs, so get out into nature for some R&R. Whether you like to hike, snowboard, or hang out on the beach (that counts, too!), you’ll feel refreshed on the other side — and ready to tackle whatever comes next.