Wait, who is Ava Phillippe dating?

Here’s The Scoop On Ava Phillippe’s Current Relationship Status

As she said this month, “I’m attracted to people. Gender is whatever.”

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During an Instagram Q&A on Jan. 12, Ava Phillippe came out with perhaps the most iconic quote ever: “I’m attracted to people. Gender is whatever.” Afterward, the internet was rabid for more details on her dating life, everyone curious about one question: Who is Ava dating? Unfortunately for those sleuths, Ava is keeping her relationships status, or lack thereof, quiet for now.

As the daughter of actors Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, Ava is very used to life in the public eye. Along that same vein, she knows how to keep some information (like her current flame) private. Based on some Instagram digging, it looks like Ava is currently single... but it might not be that simple.

As of summer 2021, Ava was still in a relationship with Owen Mahoney, a fellow student at UC Berkeley. Though she was never very public about their romance — Ava rarely shared photos of the two of them together — based on the infrequent, since-deleted pictures of them, their relationship spanned around two years (from June 2019 to August 2021). And as of June, things seemed to be going well for the duo. Ava posted a selfie of them together on June 21, 2021, and Reese even left a supportive comment on the pic: “😍These two.”

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Of course, Ava deleting these photos doesn’t necessarily mean their relationship is over. If we are looking to social media for clues, the duo do still follow each other on Instagram. (Reese also still follows Owen on Instagram, BTW.)

So maybe the deleted pics are more about thwarting commenters who insist on telling Ava how much Owen looks like her dad? According to People, on the rare occasion that Ava did share a photo with Owen, the comments would come in with comparisons to her parents. One wrote, “Looks like you and your dad or a younger version of your parents!” Another Instagram user put in, “Totally Reese and Ryan !”

And apparently, Ava has never been a fan of those comments. Per Us Weekly, when Ava’s friend commented, “He does not look like your dad,” back in 2019, Ava’s response made her feelings on the subject clear. “Big thx,” she wrote.

Another confusing clue in the riddle of Ava’s relationship status? During her January Q&A, Ava was asked, “Key to a successful romantic relationship?” And her response hinted at her being single, “Boundaries? Willingness to learn/adapt? Open communication? Trust? Not sure, but if you figure it out let me know!”

No matter her relationship status, Ava is an icon. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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