Guys Explain Why They Want To "Take Things Slow"

When you're in the early stages of a relationship, everything is great.

You're still learning about your partner, experiences are new and fresh, and you're caught up in too much ~luuuuuvvvvv~ to care about anything else in the world.

But sometimes, if you fast-track through the early relationship stages, things in a relationship can feel stale real fast. The honeymoon phase ends, and you're left irritated by just about everything and anything your partner does.

And as it turns out, you may realize you're not as head-over-heels as you thought you were. You were caught up in lust — not love — and found yourself rushing into a relationship that was destined for failure.

But what's the benefit of deciding to "take things slow?" And what do people actually mean when they say it?


While it's true "taking it slow" could be something people say when they just want to hit-it-and-quit-it without admitting that it's going nowhere, more often than not, it could mean so many different things to different people.

A handful of gentlemen took to Reddit to reveal exactly what they mean when they tell someone they're dating they just want to "take things slow":

"Taking things slow" taught this guy how to differentiate between feelings and infatuation.

This guy decided to "take things slow" so he wouldn't get ghosted.

This guy thinks not rushing a relationship may turn it into something more meaningful.

According to this guy, jumping the gun means you may miss some "red flags."

He thinks "taking things slow" could be a turn-on for some girls.

Going slow can also help you realize the more important parts of a relationship.

Sometimes, you want to establish a friendship first, then move to a relationship.

In these two cases, failed relationships have caused these guys to approach future ones much more slowly.

This guy can't connect with a girl if he jumps right into bed with her.

You see, ladies?

Sex may be on a guy's brain, but it's not the only thing he's thinking about.

If he wants to "take things slow," don't overthink it as a way for him to bullsh*t you.

He's just trying not to get his feelings hurt!