Here's How Weed Made Me A Better Boyfriend

by WeedHorn

It may sound crazy for me to say that weed has made me a better boyfriend, but there you have it. In my previous relationships, I was a ball of emotions and insecurities and it eventually led to me being single and floundering. Finally, I found someone I clicked with, but I still remained terrified that I would mess things up again.

After explaining to my boyfriend my concerns that we would end up being exes with each other because of my anxiety and selfishness, he suggested we smoke a blunt together. We ended up making out for the entire night and finally I felt at peace.

After my boyfriend and I began smoking weed together, I was worried that would become the only thing we did. That romance would die and we would end up being bored stoners with each other; however, we actually accomplished the opposite.

Suddenly, we were hiking more in nature and going to the beach together. The weed we smoked together actually encouraged us to get out of our apartment and experience the world together. We started being more social with other people because the weed allowed our social anxieties to diminish.

It also allowed our passion for each other to shine through. We weren't focused on impressing each other as much when we were high together. The sex was funny, we laughed, we cuddled. And as a result, we started having sex more often. Have you ever jerked off while high? Now imagine how great that feels but with someone you truly love. That's my sexual relationship post-weed.

It was magical and I've never felt more connected to another person in my entire life. Oftentimes, it felt as if we were one body, mostly it just meant we hooked up way more often than I ever expected people in long-term relationships to. Sex in relationships past used to feel more like an obligation than a way to connect with my partner, but after smoking, I realized it is the ultimate way to feel one with the person you adore.

Weed also helped me be a better boyfriend because it allowed me to get my priorities straight. I no longer was the same person I was previously in relationships, furious when my partner would leave dishes in the sink or not do his laundry in a timely manner.

It was exhausting when I would let every minute annoyance about the relationship eat away at me. But when my boyfriend and I smoked weed together, all of those annoyances and worries melted away.

I no longer had to be a nag because weed allowed me to see past my superficial, small grievances and appreciate the man I had in front of me for who he was. It also allowed me to get out of my head and enjoy the relationship without doubting it or constantly wondering who or what else was out there in the world for me.

Ultimately, weed made me a better boyfriend because it opened my eyes to the beauty of love without the anxiety and intensity I used to feel. Weed allowed me to determine which fights were worth picking in a relationship, and which I should let slide. It made us more social, more passionate, and ultimately a stronger couple for sharing those high moments with each other.

To this day, I'm still with the same person I was a year ago and it is all thanks to weed. Weed allowed us to realize the beauty in each other, and it allowed me to feel comfortable opening myself up to another person as honestly as you need to when you're in love.

This post was originally written by Grant Oliver for WeedHorn