People Would Rather Date Their Cousins Over A Trump Supporter, Survey Says


It's not a secret Donald Trump is really messing with the state of our country. But sadly, he's indirectly messing with the state of our love lives. (UGH, can't he just let us be?!)

Don't believe me? A new study conducted by the team at Sapio asked 2,000 Americans what's better and worse than dating someone in favor of Trump, in relation to other dating scenarios.

And believe it or not, they found 20 percent of American voters would rather date their own cousins than date a Trump supporter.

20 percent of American voters would rather date their own cousins than date a Trump supporter.

Let me just drive that point home for you all: One in five people would rather date the son or daughter of their uncle or aunt than go out with someone voting red this year.

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Yeah, as this study shows, Trump supporters aren't exactly popular in the dating pool. Almost two-thirds (60 percent) of people even said they would rather be single for four years than date a Trump supporter for the same amount of time.

Some even more unfortunate statistics for Trump followers: A whopping 33 percent of people said they would rather be single FOREVER, and 19 percent of people surveyed would rather go to a KKK barbecue. (Wow, guys. That's quite the statement.)

So basically, most people would lower their standards a pretty big amount just to avoid dating a Trump supporter.

Maybe you're better off staying away from Trump supporters, anyway, especially if you're someone that likes to get freaky in the bedroom. New information shows Trump supporters are less likely to engage in "risky" sexual behaviors, like using sex toys and having sex positions other than missionary.

Maybe dating your cousin is your best bet, after all.

Yeah, I don't blame you guys. I'd rather date my cousin than be with a guy who supports a president threatening to take away rights over my very own body, too.