Danil Nevsky

Your Voice Might Be Why You're Still Single, Science Says

As if the world hasn't given women enough reasons to feel insecure, new information is now saying a woman's attractiveness may have something to do with her voice.

Speaking specialist Jade Joddle, 31, explains that low, raspy voices are more likely to seduce men, and she uses stars like Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Holly Willoughby, Victoria Beckham and Gigi Hadid as prime examples.

Joddle's bread and butter is her YouTube channel, which boasts videos like "How to seduce with your voice like Kylie Jenner" and "Secret to get a sexy raspy voice" and over 560,000 subscribers. All in all, she has accumulated over 33 million views.


She explains, "Kylie's voice is very slow, low, breathy and raspy. No one speaks like that naturally in reality, but that's part of her charm and seductiveness. Kylie's voice makes her listener feel like she is only talking to them."

You can see what she means here:

Here are some of her top five tips to achieving a sexier, more attractive voice.

"Observe yourself. Get to know your own voice and hear it."

In other words, pay close attention to how you speak and how you move your mouth. Maybe you notice your mouth is always wet, or that the sound comes from your nose.

Paying attention to these things will help you control it once you start to shake things up.

"Film yourself."

Don't just talk in the mirror because it will be forced and unnatural. By filming yourself, you'll get a greater sense at how your mouth and face move when you speak, and catch physical habits you might have.

"Consider changing your pitch."

Joddle notes that a higher pitch might sound more feminine, where a lower pitch sounds more dominant. BOTH have advantages, and it's worth messing around with them.

This could be the difference of moving the sound from the back of your throat to the front of your teeth, or from your chest to your neck.


This is important. Keeping an eye on your breathing will keep your flow and speaking pattern natural and supported. Without breath, you will sound winded or nervous.

"Give yourself permission to be expressive."

In other words, play with your delivery. You might notice that you naturally trail off at the end of sentence or use lots of pauses. In this case, you can try out ending your words abruptly and with a succinct STOP.

This will organically shake up your voice and delivery and switch up your sound.


Joddle also pulls from her own experience and practices what she preaches:

My face used to lack expression because of how I spoke but now I'm taken a lot more seriously. Changing my voice has definitely helped me with my confidence. Now I feel I have a voice that people respond well to and I'm happy with it. My voice represents the real me.

While this trick won't MAKE you a supermodel, you just might start to sound like one.

Joddle says, "My motto is change your voice, change your life."

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