The Ultimatum
Who is April Marie Melohn's new boyfriend? Meet Cody Cooper.

Fans Think They Found April’s New Boyfriend, And We Have Deets

Thank you, TikTok.


April Marie Melohn might not have gotten her happily ever after on Netflix’s The Ultimatum, but post-filming is a different story. The premise of the show — marry or move on — might sound overly simplistic, but it seems like that’s exactly what April did. In the season finale, April’s boyfriend Jake Cunningham broke up with her (and went on to ask co-star Rae Williams to travel anywhere in the world with him). It was a harsh ending to a two-year relationship, but thankfully, April’s love story didn’t end there. In the April 13 reunion episode, she revealed that after living with Jake for five (!) more months after the show, she met someone new — someone who is actually excited for marriage. Though she shied away from sharing his name, TikTokers think they were able to put two and two together. So who is April’s new boyfriend? It’s rumored to be Cody Cooper.

Cody is a real estate broker based in Texas. He owns Sprout Realty, which serves Austin and Houston, and seems to split his time between the two cities. Per his Instagram profile, he’s an entrepreneur, who is also the co-owner of Kwik Rip, a vape company, and an upcoming luxury underwear brand for men called WOODCOX (yes, really).

On April 11, TikToker Marin Haugo shared one of Cody’s IG Stories on her account, and it seemed to make the romantic relationship between April and him veryyy obvious. Alongside two pictures of them kissing each other’s cheeks, he wrote, “My love 🖤.”

Cody isn’t the only one feeling sentimental. During the reunion, April opened up about her new “fairytale” romance, “This guy just came, swept me off my feet, we went on our first date, I didn’t think anything of it. I was just like, ‘OK, we’re gonna go to an awkward dinner, I’m gonna come home, yada yada yada. And here we are six months later, we’re still dating.”

She gushed, “He just has his sh*t together and treats me like a queen. Everything is just so picture-perfect, it’s almost too good to be true. I have absolutely no complaints about him. He’s my absolute best friend, he’s the male version of me. I love this man from head to toe. Literally, I’m so happy, and I’m so thankful that we crossed paths.”

The best part? It sounds like they’re actually on the same page when it comes to marriage. “This is someone who wakes up every single day with me and says, ‘I love you, I can’t wait to marry you.'”

Happy for them and their future minivan!