Chelsea Victoria

#TwoMenKissing Is Trending On Twitter For The Most Amazing Reason

The hashtag #TwoMenKissing is now trending on social media in response to the horrific fatal shootings at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando that took place over the weekend.

Seddique Mir Mateen, the father of the shooter, reported that his son's unimaginable actions were motivated not by religion, but by the fact that he saw two men kissing in Miami prior to the shooting.

Now, people are taking to Twitter and Instagram to recognize, in their own ways, the importance of love in its many forms, posting photos, tweets and captions in support of same-sex love and relationships by using this #TwoMenKissing hashtags and more.

It's truly a beautiful thing to see strangers all around the globe coming together even in a world where someone opens fire on such a special yet still oppressed community of people.

Though the families of the victims can't change what happened, there's no doubt in my mind they appreciate the outpour of love.

The LGBTQ+ community -- all ages and ethnicities -- is showing what real love looks like...

People are not shying away from expressing gay pride.

Even this collage of Disney movie stills resonates all too well...

People are portraying powerful messages...

Sometimes, a photo is all you need to get your words across.

And some artists are even making heartfelt drawings to commemorate the victims.

My hope is that people can remember that love has no gender. Love is blind. And #LoveIsLove.