These tweets about the Sydney Sweeney engagement rumors are so great.
These Reactions To Sydney Sweeney's Rumored Engagement Just ~ Get It ~

B*tch, you better be joking.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

Sydney Sweeney *might* be engaged — and Twitter cannot cope. On Feb. 28, the Euphoria star was spotted wearing a sparkling ring on a very important finger. Cue the entire world wondering if Sweeney and boyfriend Jonathan Davino took that very important step together. Though the couple hasn’t confirmed a new relationship status, that hasn’t stopped Twitter from commenting on the speculation, and these tweets about the Sydney Sweeney engagement rumors are wild. (Elite Daily reached out to Sweeney’s reps for comment, but did not hear back in time for publication.)

Considering most of the world seems to be at least halfway in love with Sweeney, it’s not surprising that fans had trouble accepting her maybe-engagement. Taking to social media, Sweeney diehards didn’t shy away from expressing their feelings about the rumors — and there was definitely enough disappointment to go around.

But there’s no reason to start grieving just yet. Though Sweeney is rumored to be engaged, nothing has been confirmed. Plus, on March 1, celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi couldn’t find anything to support the rumors.

Still, there’s nothing like engagement speculation to cause a full-blown Twitter spiral. Here are the 20 best tweets that encapsulate ~all~ the feelings you probs went through after hearing the rumors.

This Tweet About Being In Denial

Hi, can someone please check Sweeney’s IMDb and let me know if she’s playing a fiancée in any upcoming movies? I need to know if this theory checks out.

This Tweet About Feeling Personally Victimized

There needs to be an emotional support phone chain for these types of devastating — I mean, super happy — rumors.

This Tweet About Not Knowing Where To Look

Sweeney was debuting some ginger hair in the photos with her rumored engagement ring... so maybe it really is for a new movie?

This Tweet About Feeling Emosh

Does anyone have a tissue?

This Tweet About Keeping Things Quiet

Sorry, babe. Can’t handle the publicity right now.

This Tweet About Losing Hope

RIP Twitter’s optimism.

This Tweet About Being In Disbelief

Ugh, it’s so rude when your soulmate gets engaged without you.

This Tweet About Falling To The Ground

Not Walmart.

This Tweet About Feeling Like A Villain

Taylor Swift needs to re-release Reputation as soon as possible.

This Tweet About Hearing The Rumors

Saying, “Congrats,” through tears isn’t easy.

This Tweet About Being Shocked And Confused

Shoutout to Cassie Howard for saying exactly what we’re all thinking.

This Tweet About Her Rumored Fiancé

Apparently, Davino’s family owns the Pompei restaurant brand.

This Tweet About Thinking It Was A Joke

Tell me this is a prank right now.

This Tweet About Being In The Wrong Engagement

But how do you explain to your fiancé that Sweeney’s rumored engagement is why you’re in a bad mood?

This Tweet About Reacting Like Cassie

Crying, screaming, throwing up.

This GIF That Says It All

Denial is the first stage of grief.

This Tweet About Shedding Tears

We’re all crying, right?

This Tweet About Mixed Messages

You’re confused? I’m f*cking confused, bro.

This Tweet About Finding Musical Comfort

Streaming heartbreak playlists until further notice.

This Tweet About A Rough Week

And it’s only Wednesday.

Still, until Sweeney confirms the rumors herself, there’s still hope!