These tweets about Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's engagement will make all of the Kravis st...

These 20 Tweets About Kravis’ Engagement Are Flawless

Rock on.

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have been trading “forever”s back and forth in the Instagram comments section for months now, but only just made things official. On Oct. 17, Travis set up an elaborate, rose-covered beachside proposal at the Rosewood Miramar Beach hotel in Montecito, CA. When Travis got down on one knee, Kourtney said yes (obviously). And we’re all collectively freaking out because of it. These tweets about Kourtney and Travis’ engagement perfectly capture the punk rock chaos that their proposal started... and I’ll be happily scrolling through these ~forever~.

Kourtney confirmed the engagement on Oct. 17 when she shared photos of Travis’ proposal on Instagram with the caption, “forever @travisbarker.” Travis commented back, “FOREVER♾️.” (Ahem, point made.) And cue the Twitter frenzy.

It wasn’t just fans and friends congratulating the happy couple — though there was plenty of that. Kravis commentators also took to Twitter to discuss the other aspects of their engagement, like how Travis picked out the ring or how their exes were handling the engagement.

But no matter how Twitter (or Scott Disick... or Shanna Moakler) took it, nothing could get in the way of Travis and Kourtney’s engagement. Love conquers all — even drama with exes.

Kourtney And Travis Fans Were Hype

Kourtney and Travis has been taking over the world recently, and we’ve all been kind of expecting this. So when the engagement was confirmed, Kravis fans got excited fast — and they took to Twitter to vent it all out.

The Kardashians Chimed In

All of the Kar-Jenner sisters (plus Kris) were at the celebratory dinner after the engagement, but Kim might have been the most excited to be there. She’s a self-proclaimed Kravis stan, so it’s no surprise that she gave everyone the engagement content they were looking for: a kiss between the newly engaged couple. Not to be outdone, Kris Jenner also showed love for the couple on Twitter.

People Love The Engagement Ring

Travis reportedly spent $1 million on Kourtney’s engagement ring, so it’s only right that it gets the appreciation it deserves. And Twitter was more than ready to do exactly that. Plus, one fan had a theory that Travis might have gotten some ring advice from *checks notes* Justin Bieber. (Note: It’s a joke, TMZ did not report this.)

There Were A Lot Of Scott Disick Jokes

I don’t think anyone will ever forget the Scott Disick-Younes Bendjima DM incident when he famously questioned if “this chick,” aka Kourtney, was OK after seeing PDA-filled photos of her in Italy with Travis. At least, no one has forgotten yet. So it’s not exactly a shock that a good portion of the Kravis engagement tweets were actually about Scott — and most of them predicted he would not be taking his ex’s relationship status update in stride.

Twitter Slightly Roasted Kourtney And Travis

Can anything really trend on Twitter if there isn’t some roasting involved? Although most of the jokes were at Scott’s expense (as if he wasn’t already going through enough), there were some tweets about Kravis’ engagement that teased the couple and their Hulu-worthy proposal.

At this point, I’m not sure what’s better: Kourtney and Travis’ engagement or Twitter's reaction to it. Regardless, we now officially have a punk rock wedding in the future, and I cannot wait.