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Travis Barker's 2022 Valentine for Kourtney Kardashian was sweet.

Travis Gave Kourtney The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Surprise

So. Many. Roses.

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Step aside, Halloween. Kravis has a new favorite holiday. This Valentine’s Day, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are fanning the flames of their relationship in all the best (see: extra) ways. Of course, Barker pulled out all of the stops to show his lady love on this holiday. Think roses, candles, and giant Mickey and Minnie Mouse statues to boot. Barker’s Valentine for Kardashian was elaborate, romantic, and slightly gothic — just like Kravis themselves.

On Feb. 13, Kardashian shared several videos of her foyer on her Instagram Stories, which Barker had decked out in Valentine’s Day regalia: rose petals hanging from the ceiling, a giant bouquet of red roses, punk-rock-style figures of Minnie and Mickey, all surrounded by large black candles. (My tiny entryway could never.)

Kardashian however, was clearly thrilled by the surprise. In one Story, she wrote alongside a photo of Barker’s gift, “I walked into this 🥺🥺❤️🖤.” If Barker ever wants to give up drumming, he (or maybe his assistant) has a serious future in event planning.

Barker reposted Kardashian’s Stories, adding the romantic soundtrack of Nat King Cole’s song “For Sentimental Reasons.” So yes, if you (somehow) forgot, they are still relationship goals. Not to mention, he actually sent this all to Kardashian on Valentine’s Day eve, a full day before his full romantic attention was required.


Meanwhile, it looks like Kardashian was busy spending Feb. 13 at a Valentine’s dance with her son Reign. The reality star shared some snaps from their outing, and it’s safe to say she makes an A+ date. (Even if Reign looked a little ambivalent about his mom giving him a kiss on the cheek.)

Although Valentine’s Day might not be a “family” holiday for most people, it certainly seems like Kravis is celebrating all types of love this February — even crafting a Valentine-themed gingerbread house to celebrate their joint family, as one does.

And with a Valentine's eve this elaborate, I can only imagine what Kravis’ actual Valentine’s Day celebration will look like. My bet is that there will be even more red roses in Kardashian’s living room, cause why TF not?