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 Tom Holland and Zendaya's body language at the "Spider-man: No Way Home" premiere was adorable.

Tom And Zendaya's Body Language Looked Sweet & Sexy On The Red Carpet

They’re caught in each other’s web.

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Tom Holland and Zendaya have kept their romance very private, so our only real glimpses into their relationship have been their joint red carpet appearances. Luckily, with all of the press for Spider-man: No Way Home, fans of this couple have no shortage of material. Cast as each other’s love interests in the franchise, Tom and Zendaya — Peter Parker and MJ, respectively — had no excuse not to pose together at the film’s premiere on Monday, Dec. 13. And I’m happy to report that we were graced with plenty of red carpet shots of this duo. Better still, Tom and Zendaya’s body language was very promising.

According to Patti Wood, body language expert and author of SNAP: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, the Spider-man duo’s body language was full of positive signs that spoke to their romantic and platonic connection. Wood tells Elite Daily, “It's comfortable, it's gentle, it's lifted, and it's light.”

And although it’s impossible to tell exactly what someone’s feeling based solely on photographs, Tom and Zendaya’s red carpet appearance indicated a strong connection — plus, certain cues might have revealed the ways this couple is holding back in front of the cameras.

Tom And Zendaya Seemed “Delighted” To Be Together

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Tom and Zendaya seemed thrilled to be together on the red carpet. Wood notes their mutual gazes and smiles, explaining, “I'm just seeing that they really give each other delight and pleasure.” His grin, in particular, looked completely “spontaneous.” Wood adds, “It's so sincere and real.”

At one point, there was even a noticeable lift to Tom’s body language (one foot is actually off the ground). Per Wood, this is notable. “Look at his foot, how his toe is up. That's [a sign of] happiness. I know it's happiness because his other foot is down and pointed at her, and his hand is on her,” she says. “Looking at her lifts him up with happiness.” So sweet!

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They Looked Comfortable Around Each Other

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Having starred in two movies together (and, you know, dating), it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tom and Zendaya look comfortable around each other. Still, it’s pretty freaking cute. According to Wood, in this photo, Tom and Zendaya’s hands spoke for them. His hands were “wrapped very gently around” her waist with his “thumb up.” Wood reads this as being “very open and gentle” and “not overly possessive.”

Zendaya, for her part, didn’t seem to mind the connection to Tom. “I like the way her hand is lifting up his hand and supporting [it]. It's not pushing away, it's not gripping tight, it's just saying, ‘This is good.’”

There was friendliness in these gestures, and it speaks to a level of comfort between the co-stars turned partners.

Their Poses Were “Very Sexual”

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Just because Tom and Zendaya started as friends does not mean their romantic relationship is lacking any heat. According to Wood, Tom and Zendaya’s body language here indicated a “sexual connection.” See how their pelvises were tilted toward each other? “That shows a comfort sexually,” Wood says.

And it seemed like they were happy to gaze into each other’s eyes, too. “Their faces are less than 10 inches apart, which shows great intimacy,” Wood adds.

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In this photo, Wood notices that Zendaya and Tom were posed “like a Bond girl and 007.” Tom seemed “cool, calm, and collected,” but he wasn’t shying away from Zendaya. His arm was actually wrapped around her back, holding her close.

And Zendaya seemed to be embracing their connection in this moment. Her “pelvis is wrapped around his hip,” Wood says. “The way her body is positioned is very sexual.” Of course, her pose could have also be an attempt to show off her dress’s slit — and, really, who could blame her?

Although their body language hinted at intense sexual chemistry, that doesn’t mean that Tom and Zendaya were completely at ease in front of the camera. Wood notes how Zendaya’s shoulders were positioned, leaning away from her beau. She reads this as, “‘I'm showing I like him sexually, but I don't want to show attachment.’”

Tom And Zendaya Were Both A Little Hesitant

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Zendaya wasn’t the only one with her guard up. Although Tom and Zendaya seemed “delighted” to be posing together, there were some signs of uncertainty between them — as if they didn’t want to show their full connection in front of cameras.

“He's still a little bit cautious with that other hand in his pocket,” Wood points out. And Zendaya’s body language indicated a similar reluctance. “Her chest and heart are pulled back. There's a reticence on her part to go all the way.”

These cues could mean many things. For Tom, keeping his hands in his pocket might be his go-to comfortable move on a busy red carpet. For Zendaya, Wood says, “Parts of her body are showing, ‘I'm going to hold back a part of me. And I might be holding back a part of me from him, or I might be holding back from showing everything to the public.’”

Overall, it looks like the couple is slowly growing more comfortable with introducing their romantic relationship to the public. And I’m suddenly feeling inspired to write a thank-you note to Sarah Finn, Spider-man’s casting director.