Tinder Is Now On Apple TV Because Dating Just Needed To Get Worse

by Alexia LaFata

If you haven't hopped on the Tinder bandwagon yet, you're either naïve enough to believe your life is like a rom-com in which you'll have an adorable, IRL meet-cute with your next boyfriend, OR you think Tinder is just creepy.

For those of you in the latter camp, get ready to think it's eeeeeven creepier.

Tinder announced today that the app is available on Apple TV. Apple's latest remote control has swiping technology that allows users to swipe through potential matches on the big screen.

Sean Rad, Founder and Chairman of Tinder, says,

Since its launch, friends have been swiping for each other on Tinder. Tinder on Apple TV represents the next step in that evolution. With a simplified user experience combined with sleek technology, Tinder users are sure to have fun making more connections this holiday season by bringing the app to their living room.

Below are some videos of how Tinder envisions people using the app on their TVs.

Here we have three bros judging your profile in the comfort of their own living room.

Here we have a mother trying way too hard to insert her unwanted opinion into her son's love life.

And here we have a dad who thinks it's inappropriate that his seemingly 20-something daughter has sex.

If any of this looks like fun to you, you can find the app for Apple TV in the App Store.

But honestly, the benefits Tinder sees of projecting the app on the big screen are the exact reasons why I think this is a HORRIBLE idea.

Like Rad says, it's true that your friends often play matchmaker for you on Tinder. But why would Tinder encourage such a detached way of finding someone to date? What if the person on the other side of that mutual right swipe thought the match was legitimate? That's pretty dishonest.

When I was using dating apps, I jokingly asked if my mom would swipe for me one day, and she wouldn't do it because she thought it was mean. And you know what? She's right!

On another note, if you're single, why would you want to make it easier for family and friends to watch you browse through potential suitors and give even more of their unsolicited opinions on your love life?

Also, imagine how it will feel to be the person whose profile is projected on a large screen in someone else's living room. Your profile had better be flawless, because the grandmother of someone you may have sex with will be looking at it on Christmas Eve.

Your pores in your profile pictures are going to be huge in HD.

Moving Tinder to Apple TV doesn't make it more "fun" to make connections. You crowd around a TV with friends to play video games or watch a movie — not to find people to date. This just turns dating into even more of a stupid game than it already is.

All this latest move does for Tinder is solidify its role as a hook-up app. If that's the direction it wants to go in, fine. If not, Tinder has some serious soul-searching to do.