Guys Reveal How Long It Takes Them To Know They Want A Long-Term Relationship With You

by Alexia LaFata
Trinity Kubassek/Pexels

When you're dating someone you could really see a future with, it's nerve-wracking to think about whether or not your guy wants a long-term commitment with you, too.

You try to overanalyze all the clues he gives you. Did his friends know who you were when he introduced you to them? Does he remember little details of things you tell him? Do you feel like you are his priority? How many times has he referred to you guys as a "we"???

According to the men of Reddit, it takes a guy a certain amount of time before he finally sees you as a girl he wants to be long-term with.

How long is that, you ask? Well, that's where things get, um, complicated.

Read along for nine very different, but equally as telling, answers:

This guy knows basically right away.

This guy knows after a few dates.

This guy knows after spending a full day together.

This guy knows after having sex for the first time.

This guy knows after a month.

This guy believes it depends on the type of compatibility you're measuring.

This guy knows after you open up to each other.

This guy knows after discovering mutual interests.

This guy figures it out by asking one very important question.

So, basically, it's a crapshoot.

Don't know where your relationship is headed? Just ask. Communication never hurts.