You're Not Alone: 10 Things We All Did Thanks To Excruciatingly Painful Breakups

by Maine Belonio

Breakups are powerful. They can make you forget who you are while you're in the midst of so much confusion, anger and agony.

If you've lost control of yourself and you've made wrong choices because your heart was smashed to pieces, don't fret.

Almost every person who's been dumped has gone through the same thing you have.

Here are some of the crazy and outrageous things you probably did after your heart was blown to smithereens, and why you should never be ashamed for any of these.

1. Getting wasted

Aside from social functions, alcohol also helps when you want to forget what happened for a moment. So if you've attempted to drink yourself to death because of the pain that's crushing you inside, don't be ashamed. It's part of the healing process.

But here's a friendly reminder: Drinking won't solve your heart problems (and any other kind of problem, for that matter), so don't do it every day.

One day of getting wasted is enough. You have to come to your senses the next day, and if you have difficulty distancing yourself from any alcoholic beverages, call your BFF. They'll be sure to suggest other ways for you to cope.

2. Drunk texting

Not all of us get the luxury of screaming our hearts out to our ex-lover's face. Thus, drunk texting becomes the norm.

But by now, you should know that bombing his or her inbox with your text messages can never heal your hurting heart, right? Even so, it kind of makes you feel good and relieved. It's no wonder it's still popular with everyone who just went through an agonizing breakup.

So, take it easy. After you've gotten what's in your heart out, walk away from doing it again.

3. Cyber stalking

You know you should cut all ties and focus on moving on. Thus, you block all of your partner's social media accounts.

However, you find yourself missing him or her, and you were wondering what's going on with his or her life now. You end up either creating a pseudo account or using your BFF's account so you can track what's going on with them, if single life is treating them well or if they're seeing somebody new.

It's totally crazy, but almost everyone's guilty of doing this at one point, so don't feel bad.

4. Being poetic

There are those whose poetic side is suddenly awakened when their heart is broken. You may be one of them if you start getting all artistic and poetic after getting your heart smashed to pieces.

Some poems focus on longing, while others focus on badmouthing their exes. Whichever was the case for you, know it's a phase you have to go through and that it's part of the healing process, too, so it's OK.

Don't beat yourself up too much for getting all Shakespeare-y. Write the words down and hit publish on your personal blog.

5. Listening to Taylor Swift's music

No music can make you feel OK when you're heartbroken more than Tay-Tay's. So if you've ever listened to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" on loop, know it's cool. Nobody's judging you.

6. Having rom-coms for movie marathons

Sometimes, it helps to relieve the beautiful times you've shared together, so you'll realize that if it happened with your now ex-partner, there's still a chance that it can happen to you and someone else.

So, what better way to remind you that forever and happily ever after still exist than rom-coms, right? Plus, you can use them as an excuse for crying your heart out again.

7. Self-reinvention

You visited the salon one day and three hours after, you're no longer recognizable. You've styled your hair the way you never did before. You also took the opportunity to give your skin the treatment it deserves with the help of your dermatologist.

You look so unbelievably amazing after all the self-reinvention steps you took because you want to show everyone who cares that you're strong, you're fighting and no amount of heartbreak can bring you down. And you're right!

8. Working out like a beast

Because you wanted to show him what he's missing, you started living in the gym.

You sweat it out like a beast, and of course, you never forget to post selfies on Facebook to remind everyone (especially you and your partner's common friends) that you're still a catch and your ex is stupid for letting someone like you go.

9. Going back to the places you used to hang out at

And I mean sitting on the exact bench where you used to have some PDA, and drinking your coffee every morning at their favorite coffee shop while wishing you run into them alone so you get the chance to talk things over.

It's a self-destructive phase because you're supposed to let go of the past and move on, and visiting the places you've been witht hem isn't helping you forget the past.

So if you feel you have to do it, only do it once and promise yourself to never set foot in those places again until you're finally over them.

10. Traveling to nowhere

Youve been possessed suddenly by wanderlust. You're off to everywhere, and you didn't mind depleting your savings account because YOLO. Didn't they say that getting lost in places helps you find yourself?

You're not crazy if you've ever done any of these things. The fact that you're still kicking ass in this life means you're an independent, strong person worthy of love from the right person.

So embrace the mistakes you've committed, and never be ashamed of the breakdowns you've had after your painful breakup. They're part of the overcomer you've become and will continue to be.

Once you get out of the breakup funk, it will be epic.