Relationships — Sweet Things You Can Do To Show Your SO You Love Her

Men think it's so difficult to please a woman, but take it from someone who's dated both men and women: It's not that hard.

The truth is, you don't have to have a lot of dough, or even time, to treat a girl right. A little surprise or simple gesture showing her she's your number one will go a long way.

For me, when I was in a long-distance relationship many years ago, my then-partner would make sure to stock the fridge with my favorite things every time I came to visit him.

So if you're looking for some sweet ideas, here are a few more ways to show your girl you appreciate her:

Make her dinner.

Although you might think taking your lady out to a fancy dinner in the most lavish part of town is the key to winning her over, trust me — that's not the only way.

While it's impressive if you can afford that steak dinner, cooking her a homemade dinner (even if it's a super basic chicken-and-pasta recipe) shows her you care enough to set aside time to create something for her.

And, you'll score some bonus points if you choose a dish you can create together.

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Surprise her… all the time.

Don't let a girl tell you she hates surprises. Every girl likes to be surprised with cute things like love notes and flowers (unless she's totally not into you).

My current partner and I made it a regular habit to leave each other love notes around the house. It's a nice little reminder that they still care about you.

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Tell her she's beautiful.

Regardless of whether or not your girl can accept a compliment, it's important to let her know you find her attractive.

And I don't mean by constantly trying to get in her pants, boys. I mean that you should tell her verbally.

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Tell her she looks pretty in that new dress she bought. Say she's beautiful when she's sitting in sweatpants on the couch, binging on Netflix with no makeup on. Text her cute words of encouragement if she's having a tough day at work.

These sweet actions don't take much time at all, but they will make a huge difference.

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