Why Sugar Daddies Are The New Boyfriends

by Trophy Wife

Ladies, don’t spent another night lying on your couch eating ribs and ice-cream, lamenting about all the time, effort and money wasted on yet another failed relationship.

It’s time to buck up, throw on your Loubs and get yourself a Sugar Daddy – because sugar daddies are the new boyfriends, and here’s why you need one (or more) in your lives:

Mutually Beneficial

Women venture into sugar daddy relationships for a variety of reasons – some do it because they’re struggling to pay off their student loans, others do it because they may have been burnt by traditional relationships in the past. Whatever the reason, there are many benefits and rewards to getting yourself a sugar daddy – what girl doesn’t like to have nice things?

Unfortunately, some of us can’t afford all the luxuries we like to indulge in – but there are men out there who are able to provide these luxuries for you. How many times have you given it up to a guy and only received a few cocktails in return? In a sugar daddy relationship, both sides are getting something out of it – be it financial benefits, gifts, sexual gratification or companionship.

A sugar daddy’s benefits are not limited to money and gifts. Aside from financial assistance, women in these relationships can benefit through mentorship and networking.

No Strings Attached

In a sugar daddy relationship, it is generally mutually agreed upon that both parties check their emotions at the door. Ideally, it is a friends with benefits relationship, and the benefits are more than just sex. It’s a perfect arrangement for people looking for something outside of a traditional relationship. This doesn’t mean that two people cannot care about each other; it simply sets both parties up for an honest relationship without the pressure of commitment.

Monogamy Not Required

Infidelity and unfaithfulness is the number one reason relationships fail. You can avoid all the heartbreak, anger and those unnecessary 5 pounds we all put on post a breakup with a sugar daddy relationship. Unless mutually agreed upon, there is no need for you to commit to just one daddy – spread the love and get yourself a men harem!


Lies, cheating and distrust impact each and every traditional relationship. The beauty of having a sugar daddy is that everything is out in the open – there is no grey area. Sugar daddy and sugar babies go into an arrangement with all your expectations on the table, and each person knows exactly what to expect from each other.

Essentially, it is similar to a contractual agreement between two parties where all clauses are discussed prior to consent. Would you like to enter into a relationship where all the bullsh*t is already out in the open? Trust me, while some girls love surprises, I can do without the shock of finding out 2 months into my relationship that the man I have been dating is married with three kids.

Clean Break

Breakups are a bitch. Some are drawn out for months, some are instantaneous, but they are usually always painful in some respects. Luckily, for most sugar relationships, this aspect of separation is non-existent. Unlike the traditional boyfriend-girlfriend relationship dynamic, the sugar daddy arrangement offers the one key advantage of honesty.

The topic of breakups are generally discussed before the arrangement is initiated, so there are no surprises for both parties. If one person reneges on the agreed upon terms, then the relationship is open to termination – clean and simple.

The ideal of having a sugar daddy is quite open to interpretation – but we all know it often comes with negative, gold-digging connotations. While some may scrutinize the term for objectifying women, or maybe even equate it with prostitution, I wholeheartedly disagree.

Women who enter into a sugar daddy relationship are generally beautiful, independent women who know what she wants. These women are attracted to successful men not only for their wealth, but also for their intelligence, drive, mentorship and sophistication.

For the people who consider it prostitution – how is it any different from having sex with a guy after he has bought you dinner? Sugar daddy relationship isn’t prostitution – it is a relationship and not an exchange. Not all sugar daddies require sex as part of their arrangement -- others often seek these relationships for the companionship and the experience. It all depends on what both sides are seeking in their arrangement.

Doesn’t that sound like a win-win situation?

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