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Sophie Turner revealed that she fell in love with Joe Jonas after just one date.

Sophie Knew She Would Marry Joe After 1 Date

When you know, you know.

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Serious Q: Is there anything better than a celebrity first date story? There’s just something about hearing your favorite A-listers’ meet-cutes that make the heart flutter. Although Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas tend to keep their romantic lives pretty quiet, the Game of Thrones actor has been opening up more lately. During a May 6 interview with Jimmy Fallon, Turner shared that she fell in love with Jonas after just one date — and it wasn’t even a romantic, candlelit dinner.

When Fallon asked her when she knew Jonas would be her husband, her answer was sweet. “I mean, the first night I met him,” Turner said. Even though their first date wasn’t exactly an intimate one, it told Turner plenty about her future husband. “He didn't come over, no, I'm not that forward. We went out and we hung out at a bar with, like, all my friends, and all his friends, and then they all came back to my apartment and we had drinks after,” she explained to Fallon.

After Jonas left, Turner even got ~emotional~ about their group hangout/first date. “I remember he left my apartment, and it may have been the alcohol, but I just wept to my brother. I was like, ‘I love this man so much.’ And I knew. And that was it,” she added. So sweet!

So what went down on this date to leave that sparkling (and teary) impression? Apparently, there was witty banter and some teasing words. Turner explained, “So on this first date, he was like, ‘Oh, do you ever get told you look like, you know, a young celebrity?’ “And I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, sometimes. But why do you ask?’ And he was like, “Well, I get... I get young George Clooney all the time.’” (Joe Jonas with the humblebrag!) Turner added, ”I was like, ‘No, you don't.’ And then I told him, ‘Well, I get young Boy George all the time.’”

Obviously, they fell immediately in love after that... I mean, how could they not?