Singles Swap Phones and Go On Each Other's Dating Apps (Video)

As Three 6 Mafia once warned us: It's hard out there for a pimp. A lot of people want to talk, but not many want to make solid plans to meet up. A lot of people think “Hey ;)” still suffices as a fiercely arresting pick-up line. We're single, but are we really ready to mingle?

TBH, we all need a little help putting ourselves out there. That's when we turn to our wingmen.

Wingmen force us to go up to a beautiful stranger and spit more game than motherf*ckin' LeBron James. They're our friends and our biggest fans. But in 2015, most people rely more on dating apps to meet people than they do on their friends.

We wanted to see what would happen if you put your dating life in someone else's hands. Would it step up your game, or wreck it completely?

Watch above to find out.

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