Lifestyle — Teenagers Attempt To Send Text Messages On Flip Phones Using T9 (Video)
by Camille D’Elia

Ah, T9 Word -- the Morse code of our generation.

Think back to the good old days, when you had braces, a rolly backpack, a creepy crush on that varsity baseball player and last, but not least, a flip phone.

Texts took eternities to type out, text fights were anticlimactic and every word was misconstrued by this autocorrect predecessor.

We wanted to see how today's teens would react to using this ancient form of communication. The results were not good, but it's fun to watch them try! Some kids couldn't even find the messaging section, and some accidentally ordered prescription pills.

It's mind-blowing to think we were all once pros at T9. Would you go back to predictive text on nine keys?

Duck that. Thank God for the iPhone.

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