Paolo Solarte

Single Guy Proves You Don't Need A GF To Wear Hilarious Couples Costumes

Is your singleness getting in the way of that one couples' costume you were just DYING to do? Fret no longer, because I have some inspiration for you.

Meet Paolo Solarte, Halloween costume ICON and my new favorite person on planet Earth. It's quite the intro, I know. But my boy Paolo deserves it.

You see, I take Halloween pretty seriously. Don't believe me? Here's some photo proof:

My sumo suit from last year...

...and my full-body chicken suit from my senior year of college.

You get the picture, here (literally). Whether it be a full-body chicken suit or an inflatable sumo suit, I'm a fan of going balls to the wall with a silly costume.

And nobody goes quite as big as Paolo, with his awesome "couples'" costumes. Admittedly, I don't know much about Paolo's personal life, so I can't give you the deets on his relationship status, but when it comes to Halloween costumes, he flies solo... sort of.

Please, allow me to explain.

Paolo romps around town dressed as female Hollywood icons, such as Demi Moore or Kim Kardashian, while he totes his own personal Patrick Swayze or Kanye West cutout.

I know, you guys, I LOVE HIM, TOO.

Take a look at a couple of his best costumes to date here.

Here's Paolo cracking funny Drake jokes, while Patrick Swayze holds him in his arms:

Here he is taking a cute, little selfie with his boy Pat:

Here he is enjoying a sensual dance with bae on the dance floor:

Here he is recreating the iconic ceramics scene from "Ghost" with his co-star, Pat:

And now, here he is walking down the red carpet as Kim, with Kanye on his arm:

Here's Kimye clubbing it up on a Thursday night:

Here he is as Kim taking a cuh-lassic selfie with Ye:

And here's my personal favorite: a group shot Paolo himself sent my way:

Paolo Solarte

Who said you need a date to dress in a couples' costume?