18 Tell-Tale Signs You're The Most Hopeless Of Romantics

by Alyssa Ashley
20th Television

You can't remember what it was like before him, and you don't even know how you two got to this amazing point where you are now. He's exactly what you need: someone who could make you forget where you came from and someone who could make you love without knowing how to fall.

The only problem? You haven't met him yet.

Right now, love seems to be a luxury. Maybe it'll come, and maybe it won't. But until it does, you're just that sappy, hopeless romantic who is in love with the idea of love.

If any of these 18 things relate to you, odds are, you're a Ted Mosby, who is a hopeless romantic completely enamored with the idea of love:

1. The absolute strangest things are likely to make your heart stop while your friends blankly stare at you.

Like that guy feeding his girlfriend cheddar fries at Union Square. Ugh, ~swoon~.

2. You stalk that couple on social media who everyone thinks is annoying (down to their very first Instagram picture together), in awe of their love for one another.

3. You admire couples and have a list of things you're going to do with your PBF (potential boyfriend, obvi).

4. You cried while watching "True Blood" when Bill Compton hit Sookie with the line:

Sookie… I cannot and will not lose you. For all the ways I have dismayed, aggrieved or failed you, I swear I will anyone. But I am not sorry. I refuse to apologize for what you have awakened in me. You, you are my miracle, Sookie. For the first time in 140 years, I felt something I thought had been lost to me forever… I love you.

5. You say, “I love you” as soon as you feel it.

Him: "Can you pass the ketchup?” You: “I love you.”

6. You've imagined a future with every guy you've ever kissed.

"He might be 'the one,'" you say to your Uber driver, who totally cares about what you're saying.

7. There is a not-so-small part of you that believes in the Disney fairytale magic.

I'm going to fall asleep, and when I wake up, someone will be making out with me. It will be just like in "Sleeping Beauty."

8. When you're not with the one you love, your go-to is your husband pillow, which actually makes it easier to fall asleep.

9. You are so in love with the idea of love that you could develop feelings for almost anyone.

That bartender definitely has a smile of a PBF.

10. Modern dating absolutely scares you.

There are so many apps, and not enough interest. Why do you have to swipe right for someone to like you? What does "super like" even mean?

Can't I just run into my soulmate while leaving Bloomingdales with my prepaid wedding dress?

11. You can't wait to be married.

The idea that someone will wholeheartedly love you and cherish you despite your insanity excites you. You think about how amazing it will be to share someone, to love someone and to watch someone grow.

You're so deep in this fantasy, in fact, that you've already picked out your wedding theme.

12. You believe in signs.

Let me check my interests horoscope and my love compatibility to see if anything can apply to this situation.

13. When you're in a relationship, you can't stop expressing your feelings.

Your partner definitely knows you would halt the world for him, and you go out of your way to make sure your relationship is strong.

14. You love hearing about love stories, and more often than not, you encourage your friends in all of their dating endeavors.

So what if you met him 10 minutes ago? He sounds like "the one!"

15. You definitely sing along to every country love song on the radio.

16. You believe in soulmates.

There is one person out there meant for you, and you know you'll meet that person when the stars are aligned. And then, your life will forever change.

17. You believe wholeheartedly that love conquers all.

The most beautiful people are those who have known defeat, suffering, struggle and loss and have found their way out of the depths because of their faith in love. You have an appreciation, sensitivity and understanding of life that fills you with compassion, gentleness and deep, loving concern.

18. The moment when all of your dreams come true, you imagine your soulmate standing there with you.

Being a hopeless romantic is harder than people give us credit for. You give people undeserved second chances, all because you're in love with the idea of love. This lets you down a little too frequently, but you keep rolling along.

You fall hard for people you aren't meant to be with, and you love deeply, passionately, completely and sometimes dangerously. This makes it hard to differentiate if you are in love with someone or with the idea of loving someone.

Fortunately, it isn't all that bad to be a hopeless romantic. Your expectations are higher, and you remain optimistic no matter how hopeless things seem to be. And in the words of dear old Ted Mosby, television's most notorious hopeless romantic: