3 Surefire Signs Your Partner Loves You, Even If They Haven't Said It Yet

by Cosmo Luce

Love is not anything that needs to be rushed into, and I have a lot of respect for people who don't put it in words right away. In fact, I kind of prefer to be with someone who says it rarely. That makes it all the more powerful and noticeable when they do say, "I love you."

Holding off on love doesn't mean it isn't happening. The signs your partner loves you are more exciting than the words themselves, and sometimes, they come out well before that person has realized it for themselves. While it's better to wait a good, long while before rushing into love, it doesn't hurt to pay attention to the signals your new partner is sending and seeing whether you can match their gestures of care with ones of your own.

None of these signs are exclusive to romantic love, and their absence doesn't mean a person doesn't feel something for you. But if they are there, then you might not even need your partner to say what they're feeling. Chances are, you already know.

1. They Spend Undivided Time With You

There are so many more ways of expressing love for a person that don't involve those three little oh-so-common words — or, for that matter, any words at all.

When your partner spends a significant amount of time with you doing whatever — watching TV, grocery shopping, making food — and you have their full attention, that is a surefire sign their feelings for you are pretty serious, even if they are not willing to put the label of love on it yet.

However, if your partner doesn't do this for you, that's no indication they don't love you. Work is a real thing. Plus, people have different ways of expressing love. If they don't spend great lengths of time with you, checking in with you routinely or giving you gifts are other indications that feelings of love and devotion are there.

2. They Hold You In Multiple Ways

If your partner holds you physically, emotionally, and intellectually, this is another surefire sign that they love you.

I assume you already know being held physically means your partner displays affection through touch. On the other hand, when your partner holds you emotionally, that means they are as tender with your emotions as they are with your body. Your partner is interested in what you feel and in accessing the hidden, emotional life you carry around inside you. If your partner shares their emotions with you, too, then that's even more proof they are in the love zone.

Finally, a loving partner will likely hold you intellectually, too. This means they are interested in what you have to say, your interests, and the inner-workings of your complicated mind. They are interested in sharing their knowledge as well.

Again, just because a partner doesn't do all of these things, doesn't mean they don't love you. Some people are more able to emotionally connect, and others might be frightened of that degree of intimacy.

The best thing about love is that it isn't rushed. Take your time to settle into it, and give your partner that permission, too.

3. They Always Come Through

When you need something, a loving partner will be doing their hardest to help you out. They'll help you break into your house when you locked your keys inside. They will bring you soup when you are sick, and they will offer their support in any crisis.

Consistent support is one of the major signs your partner loves you. It doesn't only happen when it's convenient for them, either. Granted, you should not expect your partner to be a superhero. If you are looking for signs your partner loves you, then look no further than their willingness to help you whenever, wherever. But if they have limitations to their ability to assist, that doesn't mean they don't love you. It means they are human.

Now, none of these signs your partner loves you are totally exclusive to romantic love. Friends can give you their undivided attention, support you, and hold you emotionally and intellectually — they can even cuddle with you!

If you still have doubts about your partner's feelings for you, then sometimes, it's better to sit back and see where things go. No matter what, love is going to surprise you.

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