Signs The Guy You're Seeing Is Ready To Meet Your Friends

by Sean Abrams
Javier Diez

So, you've been sucking face with the same person for weeks now, and it's getting kind of real.

You're not exactly in a full-fledged relationship yet, but the concept of swiping has left your mind, and most Sunday mornings are spent together inhaling bagels from the comfort of your bed.

Before you decide to scream from the rooftops and make things Facebook official (if that still happens nowadays), this guy needs to past a crucial test: Meeting your friends.

Sure, your desire to be around him all the time is pretty important, and getting along with your family is also a big deal, but to me, meeting the friends matters so much more.

My close-knit circle matters more to me than anything else in the world. I value their opinions, and they have to deal with me at my highest high and lowest low.

That means when the sex I have with someone is great, they know. And they also know when the person I'm dating is being a complete dickhead.

While their disapproval wouldn't necessarily make me cut things off cold turkey, it certainly matters a whole lot.

But is the guy you're dating up for that challenge? Is he ready to be bombarded with questions and analyzed with a fine-toothed comb?

Only you'll know the real answer to that.

It's different for every situation, for sure, but there are some surefire signs the guy you're seeing is ready to meet your friends:

1. He's spent the night... well, every night.

You two have essentially molded into one and your bed has serious body imprints. Sleeping alone? What's that?

2. He held back your hair after a rough night with the girls.

Through a serious of scrambled drunk texts, you managed to crawl your way back to him unscathed. He knows you well enough that putting you to bed right away won't cut it.

Let it out, girl.

3. He heard you fart while you were sleeping.

Yes, you are human, and flatulence is a thing. Maybe he chuckled; maybe he did it, too. It's gross, but it's cute.

4. He laughed when you clogged his toilet by accident.

That B-rating Mexican restaurant was clearly a terrible idea.

But, instead of shaming you 'til the end of time, he played it off nonchalantly. Everybody poops.

5. He showed you how great butt stuff is.

Your sex life was already fire, but with him, you feel comfortable enough to really do anything. Anal all day, err day. Well, not literally, but you get the idea.

6. He helped you clean period blood off your sheets.

He is well aware that you are a woman and this thing happens. Any guy who would run away from something as naturally occurring as this isn't worthy.

7. He introduced you to his friends who are cool, so in turn, he is certifiably cool, too.

Having similar interests is great, but if he hangs out with rejects, this may not go much further. Luckily, his friends check off all your boxes. And they like you, too!

8. He's repeatedly asked you to meet your friends already.

Umm.. could it be any more obvious?

So, what're you waiting for? Start those introductions!