If Your Partner Refuses To Have These 5 Conversations With You, It's All Going Downhill

by Anjali Sareen Nowakowski

Are you starting to feel like your partner might want out? Unfortunately, you may not be wrong. If you already find yourself looking for signs he wants to break up, this may mean your intuition has picked up on something your conscious mind hasn't. It could be that you're feeling a bigger shift in his behavior or that you're aware the energy between you two has changed.

All healthy couples talk a lot, and most are constantly communicating about both the mundane topics and the more important things. If your partner has refused to have certain conversations with you lately, though, it may mean they're not fully invested in building a future with you.

Here are some conversations he'll avoid having with you if your relationship likely isn't making it in the long run:

1. A Conversation About The Future

Of course, the most obvious sign a breakup could be coming is if he refuses to talk about the future. This one doesn't take a genius to figure out: If he avoids conversations about a life with you, then it probably means he's not actually planning to live life with you.

That said, though, sometimes, people are also just not ready for commitment. I was like this, actually. I used to run from all conversations revolving around any kind of commitment. It didn't mean I was always about to break up with someone, though. Sometimes, it just meant I didn't want to talk about that right then.

Of course, I also ended up eventually breaking up with all of those people until I found my husband, who I then married promptly in eight weeks. So, either way, if your partner continually avoids conversations with you about the future well into your relationship, it's probably not the best sign.

2. A Conversation About Why The Sex Has Dwindled

When someone is about to break up with you, they probably aren't trying to jump your bones all the time.

In the beginning of a relationship, usually, the sex is pretty hot and frequent. As it goes on, and you get more comfortable with each other, sometimes, the two of you fall into a groove of easy, loving sex, but you may not be humping like jack rabbits all the time. Toward the end, though, when a relationship may be reaching it's end, the sex can fall off completely.

Of course, couples go through sex phases, so sometimes, the sex dwindling is a normal part of the cycles a relationship goes through. But in that case, your partner would be willing to have an open and honest conversation with you about it. If, however, they're refusing to talk about it at all, it's likely a sign things won't progress much further.

3. A Conversation About Quality Time

If the two of you have been spending barely any time together lately, and your partner won't even discuss it, that may not be a great sign for the future of your relationship.

Quality time in a couple is very important, and when you begin to let that go, that's when external stress can come through and make it easier for you two to bicker. In a relationship that may be about to end, the amount of quality time will just get lower and lower until you're barely communicating. In a healthy relationship, however, a couple makes it a priority to spend some quality time together. So if you notice your quality time has been lacking, and your partner  refuses to talk about this issue, they may not be worth your time anyway.

4. A Conversation About His Day

Although it sounds weird, a guy who may not be thinking about a future with you not only won't talk to you about the big things in his life, but he also won't talk to you about the little ones.

In a healthy, loving relationship, partners are each other's sanctuaries from the stress of outside life. Someone who really loves and values their partner usually wants to talk about their day and what's going on in their life.

On the other hand, though, if someone isn't interested in building a future with you, they may not want to open up to you all that much. This may be because letting you in feels like too much work.

Although it might not seem like it now, you are better off without them. Without a partner that refuses to talk, you'll be free to find someone who truly wants to know about your life and wants you to know about theirs.

5. A Conversation About Fixing Things

Obviously, a person who doesn't see the relationship going anywhere will have no interest or desire in talking about fixing what's wrong in a relationship. If all of your attempts to sit down and pull a conversation out of your partner have failed, there is no point in continuing to try to pull teeth.

A partner who has already decided they want out will make excuses not to sit down with you and talk about anything that is wrong. They may act like they don't notice things are actually wrong, or they may simply make you feel like they never have time to talk. Either way, when your partner doesn't want to fix things, you are better off letting your relationship go.

If you find that you're chasing your partner down to have some of these conversations, it's likely that they already want out. Even when you begin to consider the signs he wants to breakup, this probably means he's already been thinking about it for a while. It may be hard, but moving on will allow you to find a better fit for you in the future.

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