Guys Reveal How They Feel When You Talk About Your Ex In Front Of Them

by Sean Abrams

When you're out on a first date with someone, conversation topics rarely stray outside the norm of an overview of your life.

In order to get to know that person, you want to know their background, job status, and where they're from. Mundane, I know, but it's required in order to decide whether or not they'll receive a golden ticket to date number two.

Besides, it's not until at least date eight that you get to request their social security number.

One subject that is usually completely taboo when wining and dining a potential love interest is your previous dating history.

Yep, that's right. Keep your past with your ex in the past... unless you want things to get real weird. Discussions about a former flame are sure to happen, but the first date is neither the time, nor the place for it.

The mere mention, though unintentional, may have your date thinking you're too hung up on your ex. There's no room for a new romance if the only sentences leaving your mouth are comparisons to things your ex used to do.

To find out how most guys feel when girls bring up their past relationships on a date, a handful of gentlemen took to Reddit to express their sentiments on the topic.

Pro tip: Men just don't want to hear it... at least, not yet.

It's all about the context of your conversation.

This guy thinks discussion of an ex could hint at some lingering feelings.

Learning about someone's past can tell you a lot about that person.

This guy feels uneasy if an ex is brought up at all.

This guy would rather not know about your exes at all.

Some advice would be to keep the penis talk to yourself, ladies.

If it wasn't requested, then there's no need to bring it up.

This guy only wants to hear about your ex if things are about to get serious.

If you keep bringing up your ex, consider this date to be the first and the last.

This guy raises the red flag the second you start going on about your ex.

Just don't do it, girls. It's not cool.

These guys will use all that discussion about past relationships to their advantage.

Or if you're this guy, you could just not give a f*ck.

By the sound of it, your best bet is to not talk about your ex on a first date.

In fact, keep your thoughts about him buried deep underground, under some cement, with a cast iron weight firmly pressed on top.

I hear how dry your chicken is usually makes for some swell alternative conversation.