10 Things You Should Avoid Talking About If You Want A Successful First Date

by Jarone Ashkenazi

First dates can cause so much anxiety.

Talking back and forth, trying to create some sort of conversational rhythm with a total stranger... awkward. It's like an interview, filled with nervous laughter, weird lulls in conversation and at times, grasping at straws for topics to extend the date.

Making a good first impression is crucial for any potential chemistry. But sometimes, anxiety forces you to bring up things you never should on a first date.

Lauren Naefe

Follow the guidelines below, and put your best foot forward.

A first date should be kept light and positive. Focus on getting to know your date, but don't interrogate.

Save some mystery for the second and third dates. Don't forget to enjoy yourself, and let topics of conversation naturally evolve.

But stay away from these 10 topics below:

1. Your Ex

Never ever talk about how awful your ex was.

This makes you look bad, and you could come across as looking bitter.

2. Money

Never discuss finances. Don't talk about how much or how little you earn.

Carolyn Lagattuta

Talking about money can sound like you're either bragging or stressed. Just don't.

3. Politics

This is too heavy a topic for a first date, and could get very intense.

You don't want to lose a second date due to difference in political opinion.

Just because you feel strongly about certain things, it doesn't mean your date needs to hear about it.

4. Religion

This can be a very personal thing, and could get too heated.

5. Family Background

You may have had a terrible family upbringing. Maybe you had an abusive dad or an alcoholic mom.

Whatever the case, this is simply too much to bring up on a first date. It might end up sounding more like a therapy session.

6. Sexual Experience

Don't talk about how many sexual encounters you've had, or how much you date.

You don't know this person yet, and this is a very personal and private topic.

7. Marriage

Don't talk about how you're ready to have kids and get married. This will scare your date away.

This is something you can talk about only after a significant amount of time has passed.

8. Sex

Don't talk about how the person turns you on, or how much you want to take him or her back home in order to have sex.

It's a turn off, and it just makes you look creepy.

9. Secrets

Don't share your deepest, darkest secrets with someone you've just met: He or she simply hasn't earned your trust yet.

Moreover, this is extremely inappropriate, and will probably not be received well.

10. Work Drama

Gossip is exhausting, and you aren't in high school anymore.

Instead of talking about water cooler gossip or how much you hate your job, talk about your passions and ambitions.

And remember: Endlessly talking about yourself is just rude. A first date should be an easygoing conversation, more like a give and take where you both talk AND listen.

Be respectful and engage your date.